Love Story: Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we decided to recall beautiful love stories.

She is:now reigning queen of Great Britain

Is he:prince of greek and danish, duke of edinburgh

Happy hours are not being watched ...

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are bound not only by marriage, but also by distant kinship: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert - their great-grandmother and great-grandfather. In other words, the now reigning British couple are four cousins ​​and a brother. 89-year-old Elizabeth II is the oldest English monarch in history. And her husband, in his 94 years, broke the record of longevity among men of the British royal house.

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They met in childhood, often seen at family receptions. In 1939, when Elizabeth turned 13, and Philip - 18, between them, at the request of the girl, correspondence began. The young princess did not manage to hide from the household her love for the handsome cadet of the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth - a tall, well-built blond, charming and clever.This correspondence also lasted during the Second World War - Philip served in the fleet from the first to the last day of her. And in the summer of 1946, Lilibet (the home nickname of the future queen) made a proposal. The chosen one said “yes” without even asking the consent of the crowned parents! The decision of the daughter Elizabeth I and George VI made, knowing about her old feelings for Philip, but were somewhat upset. They predicted the best game for the princess: the father of the groom, Prince Andrew, a frequenter of the Monte Carlo casino, did not leave the heir with anything but the title and family signet ring ...

The wedding of the decade took place on November 20, 1947 in Westminster Abbey. We followed her with no less interest than our generation — the marriage ceremony of Kate Middleton and Prince William. November 20, the British celebrate today as an official holiday. In general, the main couple of the British royal house has a lot of important dates: in November 2007, the couple celebrated a diamond wedding, in February 2012, the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II. And then there are the birthdays of their four children, eight grandchildren, five great-grandchildren - the main thing is the happiness of a big and friendly family!

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Love Story: Elizabeth II and Prince PhilipRobert Lacy, Elizabeth II’s personal biographer, calls her marriage model a successful “family confederation”. Philip is kept in the background when Elizabeth participates in official events, but at home, with children and relatives, it is he who is the head of the family and the support of his wife. Lacy stresses: each spouse had and has an unspoken right to a private life separate from the second half, so their union turned out to be strong. While the queen made laws, her husband chose a school for children, mastered painting and flying, and was engaged in charity. And in their free time, the spouses traveled, gave receptions, played polo, attended horse races, concerts and charity evenings, engaged in children. Next to Philip, Elizabeth feels like a beloved and loving woman, and not a ruler who is responsible for millions of destinies - it is not surprising that the couple is still happy today.

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