Hello, Alena. Tell me, how can a mother of 2 children arouse sexual arousal? Thank you.


The three most common causes of reduced desire are fatigue, an insult to the husband (always affects the perception of him as a sexual partner!), And a decrease in the tone of the vaginal muscles.

“I begin with the third — the best way to strengthen the vaginal sensitivity, to bring intimate muscles to an excellent tone, to solve the problem with omission and other female difficulties — vumbilding. I can guarantee that with the correct execution of all instructions, after 2.5-3 months of simple exercises, your sex life will change dramatically. New sensations will pleasantly surprise her husband. Vumbilding- the best way to revitalize sex life and improve women's health!

✅Obida for the fact that the husband does not help / is cool / not as caring as you would like, always causes a "sexual protest." This can be expressed both in a decrease in craving, and in a decrease in the moisture content of the genitals (which can cause microtraumas), in tearfulness, anger after (and even during sex). The only solution is to talk to your husband.He can not guess about your condition, and perceives such behavior as rejection of him, like men. Explain your feelings, preferably in the i-form. Ie, not "you are so bad", but "when you do / do not do this, I feel ..."

Such a conversation, not in the form of a claim, can bring you very close and not only in sex.

Another option is to write a letter to my husband. (It is not necessary to give it to read). Write there EVERYTHING you would like to say! And then read aloud 5-10 times. You will be surprised, but in the process, you will feel a very strong relief.

✅ Fatigue for a woman who has 2 children, completely understandable! Attract someone to help-relatives, a babysitter.

Allocate at least half an hour a day just for yourself! There is no need for perfectionism, everything will not be perfect: perfect cleanliness, order in the house, do not load yourself with things that are not vital. Take time to spend it together with your husband. Remember that you are first of all a husband and wife, and only then are parents. Believe me, when priorities are set that way, children will only get better.

I wish you family happiness and passion!

a guest02.10.17 08:24

Love, vumbilding - one of the best methods! And libido will increase, and a number of delicate problems of women's health eliminate.

And why not use what has long been invented in nature and actively continues to help extend the kind of perfume with ferromones for men? substances are now being sold that, when added to men's perfumes, will attract a woman more strongly. Acting through her subconscious, Pleasure will get both. Why not try it? Especially since they have a share there. Better than the nature came up with a solution not to find. :)

a guest10.10.17 14:13

For me, all this is strange. I am 60 years old, my husband is 65, sex is at least twice a week, enough for him to hug me and I am ready

I have the same problem. Two children, I get very tired, in the evening I don't want anything at all, just to fall on the bed and sleep. I do not know where to find the strength to restore past sex.

And it seems to me that sexual arousal does not depend on the number of children. I have one child, but I still lost interest in my husband. We have not divorced for a long time, now I meet with a young man, and he just blows my head off of him.

Often women after childbirth lose interest in sex. The solution to this problem depends on the man. But sometimes you need to take the initiative.In order to awaken the arousal need to diversify the sex life. Suppose you can buy erotic clothes, like here which no man can resist. A woman dressed in sexy lingerie, she feels more confident that will relax and have fun.

After the birth of my first child, I had apathy and aversion to sex, the reason was a sharp drop in estrogen, began to take contraceptives in order not to get pregnant unplanned and he apparently gave a rise in libido, turned into a lustful female, take hormone analysis, it may cause a hormone balance.

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