Magic money how to attract money

Magic of money

Magic of money

Everything in the world lives according to certain laws and money is no exception. People who know this never live in poverty. There are certain rules, following which you can attract money to yourself. To do this, you need to know some monetary signs, have special talismans and amulets and perform some magic rituals that allow you to attract money and settle them in your house forever. On our website you will receive comprehensive information about what money magic is and how to attract money into your life.


To attract money, you must first love them! Do you know why many of our compatriots of the past generation made money badly? Because in society there was an opinion that "money is evil." In revenge for this, the money was not very spoiled by the presence of Soviet citizens. In order to attract money to yourself, you need to radically change your attitude towards them, and think of them as an important and necessary component of our life.



There is magic to attract money



  • The first magical action: buy a beautiful wallet in which your money will be very cozy and comfortable.
  • The second magical action: put Chinese coins in your wallet - amulets to attract money.
  • The third magical action: Put a large bill in your wallet that you will not exchange under any circumstances.
  • The fourth magical action: Put the money in the wallet only in a smooth and straightened form, never wrinkle and do not crumple the money.
  • All of the above actions are a kind of magical rites for attracting money.


We all heard the expression: "money goes to money." This statement has absolutely real meaning. In order to always attract money to you, never spend it completely, emptying your wallet to the end! Take it as a rule: to postpone at least 10% of the earned money every time. At first glance, the amount is not large, but after six months it will turn into a tidy sum, which you can spend on a tourist trip, an expensive purchase. The more often you have in your head positive thoughts about prosperity, the faster it will come to you.As the saying goes: “The poor are getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer!” Remember: the money from this account (wallet, piggy bank, card) never lend to anyone! Having done this, you will immediately see that you will begin financial problems that you would not have expected or anticipated.





The magic of money exists, how to attract money?



As we have already found out, money is subject to the general law, and it says: everything moves and changes. Money is energy that needs to be changed and updated. Money must work! It is impossible that they simply lay a dead weight. As they say: "Under a rolling stone, water does not flow!". Money in order to multiply it is necessary to invest in something, so that it will come back to you already with a certain percentage. But it is important to have an untouchable stock that you should not spend under any circumstances! Only if all these conditions are met, the flow of money to you will increase! Although it should be noted that in this case it is not necessary to become a greedy person and a miser. Do not be afraid to be a generous man, it is generous, and not a spender. When you spend money, do it with joy and love! Buy gifts for your loved ones,sometimes pamper yourself! There are some rules that you will never complain about lack of money.




Basic rules for saving money quickly and easily.



  1. If you find, win money, never keep it for a long time. They need to be quickly disposed of. You do not know how this money is earned! Buy yourself something, or sacrifice them.
  2. Never pay in large bills by buying an inexpensive item.
  3. Paying off the debt, pay in small bills, saying to yourself: “I give yours, I leave mine”.
  4. Having received a salary, do not spend it on the same day, pass by the store, let the money be at least one day at home.
  5. Keep in your wallet a large unredeemable bill that will magnetically attract money to you.
  6. Going to the store, always make a list of necessary purchases and do not buy unplanned items.
  7. Seeing money on the floor, or in the dirt, be sure to raise it, otherwise they will “think” that you do not respect them.
  8. Do not set yourself a goal: "just save money." Always know what you need money for.

The main signs of attracting money:



  1. Try not to lend to the poor and unlucky people, because when they return the debt to you, they transfer their energy instability to you and their energy.
  2. Keep money only in a beautiful wallet, do not spare money on it, because this is actually a home for your money. How to choose the right wallet for money can be found in the article "Wallet that attracts money"
  3. Using all the services (gas, electricity, Internet, telephone, etc.) never complain about the need to part with money, but rather say: “The money has come!”
  4. Never count other people's money, count yours! Jealous of someone else's wealth, you are blocking financial flows into your home.
  5. Never give money in the evening! And if you need to pay, put this money on a wooden surface, or floor!
  6. Don’t repay Monday and Friday.


Of course, it is not necessary to forget that all recommendations will not work if you just sit at home and do nothing! And therefore, actively work!


Knowing all these rules, signs and performing magical actions, you will surely attract money to your house. And if you forget something, then re-read the important informative articles on this topic: "Rules for saving money" and "How to attract money."And in conclusion, I want to say: Love money, respect it, in every way attract into your home. After all, money does not happen much! Money is that without which our life becomes very uninteresting gray! And why do we need a gray life? Let our life be colorful!

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