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What to do to make the computer work faster - clearing the cache in the browser

We explore and view the depths of the global Internet with the help of special software products - browsers. The browser's cache is information saved by the program after visiting a web page (design elements, images, font styles, videos, music tracks) to reduce download time, because the necessary elements are loaded from your computer.

But the fact is that without special settings the browser is not able to limit the size of the cache, and its volume can sometimes reach several gigabytes. In such a situation, lovers of watching videos and films on various Internet portals will be the first. In addition, there are situations when, due to the old site design stored in the memory of the browser, it may not be displayed correctly. Because it is very useful to clean the cache prophylactically.

The modern browser family is quite diverse, so let's try to tell you about the most popular options (it should also be noted that this procedure can sometimes be different in different software versions).

How to clear the cache in Opera

What to do to make the computer work faster - clearing the cache in Opera

Click “Menu” (as a rule, it is located in the upper part of the browser, but in recent versions it is “Opera”) with the left mouse button, and in the context menu you will need “Settings”, and then select “Delete personal data” . There select "Clear cache" and feel free to click "Delete." In the latest versions of the browser, after “Delete personal data” a large list will appear where you should select the necessary options (among other things, you can clear the cache there).

In Mozilla Firefox browser

What to do to make the computer run faster - cleaning the cache in Mozilla Firefox

To do this, select the "Tools" menu at the top. There you will find the lowest “Settings” item in the list that appears, then select the “Additional” section, and then click the “Network” tab. At the bottom of the page, called "Offline Web Content and User Data", click the "Clear Now" button. And click "OK".

If you have an old version, you need to go to the “Tools” tab, there you will find “Erase history”. Here select the item “Details”, in the appeared list put down the clearing of the cache. Finish by clicking “Clear Now”.

In the Google Chrome browser

What to do to make the computer work faster - clearing the cache in Google Chrome

To do this, find in the browser three horizontal bars and click on it with the left mouse button.There select the line "Tools", then "Delete data on the pages viewed." In the window, select "Clear the cache", select the time you need and click "Clear history" (this menu can be entered and faster by pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + Del).

In Internet Explorer

What to do to make the computer work faster - clearing the cache in Internet Explorer

Find “Tools” at the top of the menu and click on it with the left mouse button, select “Internet Options” in the drop-down list. If the panel is missing, then press the Alt button - this should fix the situation. Follow the “General” tab, in the “Temporary Internet files” section, click the “Delete files” button. In the window that appears, check the box “delete this content” and click “OK”.

In Apple Safari Browser

What to do to make the computer work faster - clearing the cache in Safari

In the case of this browser, clearing the browser cache is very easy. In the top panel, select “Edit”, then click on the “Clear cache” item, complete the procedure by pressing “Clear”.

You have read simple instructions on how to clean the cache with most popular browsers. We hope they will be useful to you. Try to carry out this procedure at least once a month, and you will notice how your faithful assistant, the desktop computer, began to respond faster to all your commands.

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