Margot Robbie fights for the throne in the trailer for the film "Mary - Queen of Scotland"

As it turned out, Sirsha Ronan and Margot Robbie look very good in one shot. Studio Focus Features published the first trailer of the film, in which the actresses got the role of two opposing queens - Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I, whose sisterly ties did not prevent them from fighting for the greater part of their lives for the opportunity to rule England and Scotland.

Let's be honest: there were already quite a few shots about it, but director Josie Rork (he is the director of Coriolan with Tom Hiddleston) decided to look at the plot in a new way and put in the center of the historical drama not just the intrigue of two women with a steel character, but their tension and war fatigue, which eventually led one of them to the scaffold.

Publication from Focus Features (@focusfeatures)11 Jul 2018 at 8:01 pdt

Margot Robbie is from Australia and Sirsha is from Ireland, so for the role both actresses had to work on the right accent, and reincarnation of Margo as a 16th century monarch shocked the fans altogether.According to critics, both actresses (and the film itself) can become serious contenders for the future Oscar race. Last year, for her role in biopic "Tonya vs. All", Margo received her first nomination for "Oscar", and Sirsha, thanks to the role of Christine MacPherson in the film "Lady Bird", is already the third. It is possible that this time someone of them will get the coveted statuette!

The Russian premiere of the painting “Maria is the Queen of Scotland” is scheduled for January 17, 2019.

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