Methods that make you play sports


  1. Do not start on Monday. Perhaps the most common mistake, because the longer you pull with the workout, the faster you refuse it. Therefore, if you decide to do sports, then do not delay the start. Act according to the “here and now” principle
  2. Shyness Surely, when you came to the gym, you got the feeling that you were looked at like a white crow. In fact, the way it is. But do not despair, but you have to take care of yourself. People look at you like this because in your past life you didn’t play sports at all.
  3. Fatigue is not a vice. When you get tired in training it is normal. Do not think that you have to do everything at once. If you are tired, then sit down and rest, otherwise you will quickly lose the strength that is so important in training.
  4. Find your favorite sport. Choose a sport that you love to do. Believe me, if you are involved in such a thing, you no longer want to stop.
  5. Could not fulfill your minimum. One of the main problems of a person who decided to play sports is high expectations. If you are going to play sports, this does not mean that you pull up on the bar 150 times in one day or lift the barbell weighing 150 kilograms. It is important to remember that sport requires great perseverance and effort, and vice versa, does not tolerate laziness. So try and work on yourself.
  6. Pay again. Imagine the situation that you have the choice to go on a date with a girl or go to the gym. With the first, everything is clear right away, but the second will help you to pleasantly surprise your girlfriend in the future. Therefore, boldly refuse to meet and go to the gym.
  7. Good friend. An extremely important component in training. Because there are situations when, without the help of an opponent, there is no way to lift the bar, for example. So look for your friends or acquaintances in the gym. It is also possible to connect old friends to this process. The main thing is that such a friend understands the sport.
  8. Beautiful and comfortable shape. The benefits of such a purchase mass. Firstly, it will be convenient and comfortable for you to study, and secondly, you will look better against the general background.

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