"Mom bought one apple and divided it into three"

At the age of 14, our heroine was selling in the market, at 20 she married a dream man! But only at 25, left alone in the arms of her daughter, she became truly happy!

To the question “What is the worst thing in life?” I will answer: “To live it, doing an unloved affair! To live with an unloved person. " And it is also wrong to postpone the dream for later.

I'm 30! And I am an absolutely happy person. I have my own business ... a small store. I hold a republican beauty contest for women with disabilities. I travel, wake up with a smile and raise a daughter.

I do not have a husband. But my daughter has a loving father ... We were together, loved, made plans and dreamed. And when they realized that all the best had already been given to each other, they parted, remaining mom and dad for our treasure. The decision is conscious. This story is not a lesson, and certainly not an example, but a series of decisions that made me who I am.

Classmates in the camps, I - work

I was born in Aznaevo, a small town 300 kilometers from Kazan. Mom - a nurse, dad - the driver of special equipment. There was not enough money. The first time I went to a pioneer camp in the 7th grade. Do not rest, wash the dishes!

The crisis year ... Parents were not paid a salary for several months. In the summer they ate from the vegetable garden, in the winter they were worse: from the food there was only potatoes and onions. Sometimes mom bought one apple. The most delicious thing is for the youngest one-year-old brother, while my sister and I got the rind. In half.

Mom bought one apple for her younger brother, and my sister and I got the rind

On the other hand, the parents did everything so that we did not notice. In our tiny odnushke we put a tent in the middle of the room. And they rustled potatoes, imagining that we roast it on a fire, and around our “home” there is a forest and mountains. When money appeared, dad filled the fridge with various sweets. Somehow brought home a whole box of ice cream. Only for the three of us: me, sisters and brother.

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In the market studied psychology

The town was small, and everyone knew each other. Therefore, my mother was not afraid to let me go to work on the market. And she said about the earned money: “Spend on what you want!” I knew that she needed them, but my mother left them to me.

“If you want - buy sweets, and if you want - a beautiful blouse,” she smiled.

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I was 14, and I was already on the market at 6 am She sold eggs on Saturdays, Thursdays and Sundays. On other days, she traded in tea, biscuits, sugar and salt. But she studied psychology ... The first month they deceived me.

Give, they say, change from 100 rubles! And they themselves have not paid at all. By the end of the day, the hostess noticed a hurt. I remember how then roared. But the woman realized that I, an inexperienced girl, had been deceived. And I allowed to pay in parts ... But I didn’t believe the phrases "I am now exchanging and bringing in".

Married for love ...

They say we would not have become those people, being born in other families ... And I agree with that. Parents laid down the main thing in us - the thirst for life, and made our any decision!

After school I went to enter Kazan. And she entered the faculty of personnel management.

The products were sent by the parents, and the rest was 1,800 rubles a month. I met my future husband in the third year.

She defended her diploma, already being a pregnant daughter. Husband is 13 years older than me. We lived in our big house, and the spouse assumed all the financial worries.

Just being a wife was not enough

We were happy traveling.He became for me to some extent a teacher, a conductor, but I taught him to laugh, to enjoy life.

And then, a 20-year-old girl, I was happy. But, growing up, had other interests. I wanted to be realized, I wanted to have my own money, and not him. He was against it.

And even at some point I tried to put up with it. And realize yourself in the daughter, in the kitchen ... Even baked pies.

And then met with her friend.

“And what happened to the light in the eyes?” She immediately issued.

I shrugged it off. And then another close friend died. I understood: stop, that's enough! It's time to be happy.

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I got up at 5 am, and she saved up for a dream

The husband reacted negatively to the decision. Yes, what really is there, considered me selfish. Freaked out. Only my daughters began to help ... And I, young and proud, went to a rented apartment to my sister.

She got a job as an advertising manager. And, collecting trifles in his pockets, drove her daughter to the kindergarten on the bus. A luxury car, a gift of a husband for the birth of a child, put up for sale to buy a vehicle on the pocket.

So a year has passed. Year of struggle with yourself. She lowered her eyes to the questions of other parents: “Where is the husband?”, Laid decorations to buy a new toy for her daughter or to give it to the section for classes.

It seems that even the first wrinkles and gray hair appeared.Feelings for the main man of my life, my daughter's father, were strong, but I did not want to live as before. And people do not change.

“Do I want to live the same in five years?” I asked myself.

“Do I also want to live in five years?” I asked myself. And a month later, she took a loan.

Big and overwhelming. But it was precisely this amount that I needed for the realization of my own dream - my studio.

At first, I could hardly pay the rent, but a year later I took orders from large state-owned companies and pop stars.

This time was wonderful. I literally hovered above the ground.

But the plans were bigger and bigger. With the money I earned, I saw the world, showed it to my daughter ... I remember how we walked around the little European town, and she screamed, “Mom, this girl is so good! Although she is in a wheelchair. ” I burst into tears. My five-year-old daughter noticed this, and we adults pass by.

Life in harmony

Photo: from the personal archive

Returning home, I could not live as before. I immediately began to study how things are with people with disabilities in my city, Kazan.

And she found a huge number of caring people and organizations.But she didn’t see one important point ... All these people, women, do not feel like women - beautiful, desirable. But many of them lead quite active lifestyles - they work, run the business, and are happily married. Others, on the contrary, have not left the apartment for several years ... For example, a lonely old mother is unable to pull the carriage, but there are no other relatives. And this is even sadder.

I gave gifts. But she quickly realized that things can give emotions for a month, while a new outlook will make her happy for the rest of her life.

I ventured to organize the first beauty contest for women with disabilities. What for? Yes, in order to instill confidence in them, to teach them how to paint, to choose clothes ...

Especially since I could help many myself. After all, I still had a studio.

March 6, 2013, the first competition was held. The reaction was incredible. Those who were married, managed to attract the attention of their husbands, to return the romance. Others self-actualized, met love or started their own business.

Then I realized that my search was over. I could only help myself by helping others.

Big business, commerce - for men, we, women, should do business for the soul ...

Atelier had to sell due to lack of time. By the age of 30, I finally understood that big business, commerce - for men, we, women, should do business for the soul ... I have a daughter, there is a competition, there is my little store, giving me the opportunity ...

Perhaps in time I will meet a person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. But that's another story.

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