Named the best series of the first half of 2018

So, the most vivid series of 2018, ranked in Time.

"Patrick Melrose"

The series with Benedict Cumberbatch, for which the actor, without hesitation a second, postponed shooting in all other projects. Bright, sharp psychological drama with numerous twists in the plot, psychedelic trips of the main character, fighting with the severe trauma of his childhood with the help of an arsenal of narcotic drugs, and then with the arsenal itself. Do not spoil, it is worth watching.

"Phantom Tower"

A gloomy story, telling about the events that led to September 11. The mini-series is based on the book by journalist Lawrence Wright. Of interest is not only the plot of the confrontation between the CIA and the FBI, but also the game of Jeff Daniels from the News Department.

"The story of the maid"

On the horrors that occur with the heroine Elizabeth Moss, we managed to see enough in the first season. The second, even more gloomy and tough, does not let go of those spectators who do not give up to the end, i.e., to the final series.


Dilute the drama decided sitcom "Champions". Fresh series tells about the owner of the gym Vince, who has no life, but the dream of any bachelor. True, once on the threshold of his bachelor's den in Brooklyn, a former girlfriend and their 15-year-old son Michael appeared. It's funny, is not it? That's just not Vince!

The Time rating also includes the second season of the Atlanta comedy drama, Netflix documentary about Indian ghost Osho “Wild and Wild Country”, British MI5's drama about the killer girl Killing Eve, and the TV show American Idol.

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