Naughty curtain for giving and home

I want to update the interior, add colors and do not spend a lot of money on it? There is an exit! The decoration of any room will be a bright and original curtain or a curtain, sewn with your own hands. The unusual design and ease of execution available even to a child, will allow you to quickly and with great interest “refresh” any interior. A real decoration for such a curtain will serve as a country house. For its production you will need: 1) cloth (cotton, coarse, crepe-satin); 2) scissors; 3) templates; 4) a sewing machine; 5) sewing needles for fastening the material; 6) pencil for fabric or soap. Prepared? Let's start! 1. First you need to prepare a template. Start with a simple - a circle of small diameter. In the future, you can cut butterflies, stars, hearts and stuff.  Naughty curtain for giving and home
It's important if you decide on more complex figures, then do not rush do too many blanks.Perhaps the best will be to make a few butterflies or stars on the curtain than the entire curtain of them.
 Naughty curtain for giving and home
2. Take a small flap and fold it several times, so that its height does not exceed the height of the template. Fasten the fabric with sewing needles and draw a pattern with a fabric pencil. It is important if you prepare blanks of crepe satin, or another slippery, very thin or dense material, then fold the flap several times is not worth it. It is better to tinker with cutting out longer than to spoil all the material at once!
 A naughty curtain for the dacha and the house
3. Cut out the blanks. A little trick, so that the edges of the fabric do not spread, and your blanks do not give out flaws in the form of irregularities when cutting, use scissors with a zigzag blade. It will look very original!
Naughty curtain for giving and home
4. Now sew the blanks into ribbons on a sewing machine.The length of the ribbon is the length of your curtains. Remember, the evenness and clarity of the stitching is not important here, and a slight bend will give additional “torsion” on the weight. Do not forget to make a loop for each tape, if you do not have a ceiling cornice. You should not fasten the ribbons to each other, since all the irregularities during stitching will be evident, in the extreme case, you can sew together several rows closest to the loop.

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