New life old computer disk

95% of the world's population have personal computers, and with them a lot of digital storage media. One of these devices is a computer disk, which, like any other thing, has its own life. Moreover, it is easy to damage. One or two scratches - and can be sent to a landfill. And disks with obsolete information? It's a pity to throw it away, but there is nowhere to apply it, so it is useless to gather dust on the shelf, take up space and exacerbate the mess. Common situation? Then it's time to revise the house and turn old computer disks into wonderful little things that will decorate your interior. Winter-Summer Candlesticks To make candlesticks you will need: pencil, lighter or matches, self-adhesive paper, nail polish with glitter, super glue, attributes for decoration (beads, tinsel, cones, bows, flowers) and, of course, the main characters of our project are old computer disks.Materials for decorating are selected based on their design ideas.
 A new life of an old computer disk
first phase of work - manufacturing base. We take the disc and give it the desired shape with a lighter and a pencil. Consistently afloat limb, bending them toward the center so as to form a kind of cup as a result.
The new life of the old computer disc
From self-adhesive paper cut out a circle of suitable diameter and seal the disk medium.
The new life of the old computer disc
Then decorate our candlestick. ("Winter" - tinsel, cones, spruce twig, bow, sapozhok. "Summer" - artificial flowers, leaves, stones or beads, butterflies.) We fix all elements with super-glue.
The new life of the old computer disk
We add glitter to our candlesticks with the help of a few drops of nail polish. New life of an old computer disk
The final touch - insert a candle and light it. Our creative candlestick "Winter-Summer" is ready.
New life of the old computer disk
 New life of an old computer disk
A stand for the Merry Balls mug Which of us does not like to while away the morning sitting at the computer table with a cup of aromatic tea? And you know perfectly well that a hot cup leaves stains on the countertop. So why not make a bright and positive stand? To make one “Merry glomerulus” stand, you will need: 2 computer disks, a skein of colored threads, super glue, 1 cotton swab, 2 medium beads, 2 buttons.
New life of the old computer disk
We glue the two disks together so that only the silver side is visible. We attach a cotton swab cut in half to the wrong side,and close the void in the middle of the disk with a flat button.
 New life of an old computer disk
We treat the surface of the disk with glue and start to let the thread from the center to the edges (the movement of the thread is circular). We also do the same with the other side. We string on toothpicks beads and get our “Merry ball with knitting needles.”
 New life of an old computer disk
New life of an old computer disk

So, turning on the fantasy, you turn an unnecessary disk into a useful, uplifting thing.

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