Nick Jonas introduced Priyanka Chopra to his family

Not even a month has passed since Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra officially began to meet, and they have already passed the stage of meeting their parents - and very successfully. The initiator was Nick: he brought a girlfriend to Atlantic City for the wedding of his sister Rachel Tamburelli, where all his family gathered. And although Priyanka and Jonas didn’t have a single photo together on Instagram, it’s probably not for long - both look so happy and in love that there’s just no doubt about the happy ending of this novel.

However, Nick himself admitted a couple of years ago in an interview that publicity was the most difficult thing for him in a relationship. “It's just terrible,” said Nick. “This is when in a relationship with a person you need to think about what other people think, but not to have a complete picture of what is happening before your eyes.”

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