Nikita Presnyakov: “At home I am economic. I cook and clean myself ”

The musician, actor and grandson of Alla Pugacheva answered the questions of our readers.

I try to bring everything to the maximum

- Are you always satisfied with the result of your work?
Nikita Presnyakov

- Not at all. I try to bring everything to the maximum. In this I am similar to my father (singer Vladimir Presnyakov. - Note. "Antenna"). We are perfectionists. Even when in the studio the musicians of my group Multiverse are satisfied with the quality, I can say that, for example, in the second minute of the fourth second there is a barely audible nonsense that spoils everything. And we spend a few hours fixing it. And my comments sometimes complicate the whole process, but in the end it turns out a high-quality product. But this is my essence. The same thing is with television, with the project “Exactly”. None of my performances did not suit me completely. Each time I watched the issue on TV and thought that it was possible to do better. I am my strictest critic.I also listen to the opinion of friends and relatives.

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- What would you like to be like your dad?
Nikita Presnyakov

- It would be nice to always be a teenager in my soul, just like him. It's easier to look at things, be positive. This is great and helps in creativity.

Office work is not for me

- Can you imagine yourself as an employee of some office?
Nikita Presnyakov

- And I worked for some time in the office. After filming the movie "Firs" he got a job at one film company as an intern, hoping to eventually make something of his own. But after half a year of tedious and unnecessary work at the computer, this depressive state was. And then they also offered to take part in “Shoumastguon” (the Ukrainian equivalent of “Exactly.” - Approx. “Antennas”) to take part. He agreed and quit the film company, the music still outweighed.

- Already caught star fever?
Nikita Presnyakov

- Negative attitude to star disease. And when I see at events, how such people behave, it becomes uneasy. But here we must pay tribute to the direction in the music that I chose. Rockers are not typical. I'm open enough for my fans. I will never refuse an autograph, a request to take a picture.I almost always respond to letters on the Internet, if they are, of course, adequate. Our music is difficult to promote in Russia, but it does not stop us.

- You started to live on your own early. This is your choice?
Nikita Presnyakov

- I really wanted this. When I was in school, I tried to solve all problems on my own. When I went to America and lived in a hostel for a whole year, there were no problems. On the contrary, I miss that time. This is not repeated. Then my friend and I rented an apartment. I myself cooked, washed, cleaned. And on returning to Moscow, nothing has changed. Household issues are easy to solve, I am an economic man. Sometimes there is not enough time to put a dwelling in order. Then I set aside a day for general cleaning.

- Do you have many childhood friends?
Nikita Presnyakov

- Fortunately, yes. For example, Nikita Tabakov, grandson of Oleg Pavlovich. We went with him to one kindergarten. Then I saw each other constantly when I lived in America. We communicate still. I have a lot of comrades left from school days, these are people close to me. Their number over the years, if changed, is insignificant.

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