Non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical faceliftMan is afraid of pain. It's at us on a subconscious level, innate. But our belief in all sorts of “miracles” is already acquired. Including, not without the help of competent and sometimes extremely stubborn marketing specialists.

Marketing as a “factory of miracles”

Oh, what would seem to be known appendicitis and the methods of its treatment - to the surgeon and the sooner, the better! But throw a cry that you invented a magic cream, with which the appendix resolves in five minutes without any operation, right in your home - and there will be at least some number of people who believe in this “miracle remedy”.

This is also the case with a non-surgical facelift. In a modern clinic of plastic surgery you will be told about thousands of successfully performed operations on rejuvenation. "On the fingers" will explain about the newest methods of anesthesia. In the end, they will show a photo of patients "before and after" the procedure, where no seams are visible on the faces. And still, it is worth another person to hear about the next "non-surgical discoveries" in the field of cosmetology, he begins to seriously think: "And maybe try? .."

Non-surgical facelift

Understand his doubts is easy. One thing is an operating, surgical scalpel, anesthesia, incisions. And quite another - facelift without surgery. Just advertising what it costs. "A unique natural gel enhances the process of tissue regeneration!" "Special course. Even the deepest wrinkles are smoothed! ”And finally, even this can be found on the Internet:“ Facelift at home ”. (By the way, no “miracle cream” reminds?)

Do you know the difference between a very decent plastic surgeon and a not very decent cosmetologist? From the first one you can quite hear: “Yes, you, madam, you can do without the operation for now. Do you want, I will tell you the address of a good cosmetology room? ”If plastic surgery is contraindicated for any signs to a person, a surgeon who respects himself and medical ethics will absolutely refuse to conduct it.

A different cosmetologist, even knowing full well that it is hardly something that can help you drastically, may still try to “beat” you on a non-invasive face lift. Keep in mind: most likely, he is in great need of money.

Non-surgical facelift

Plastic surgery and cosmetology: who can afford it

However, jokes on the side. Let's see how cosmetology can really help you, and what are the possibilities of plastic surgery where a cosmetologist is powerless. Let's start with signs of aging.

Of course, these are, first of all, wrinkles, age-related weakening of facial muscles and, as a result, ptosis - the prolapse of tissues. This is due to the reduction of turgor - the degree of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, which are determined by the health of the whole organism, the necessary substances: vitamins, micro- and macroelements, as well as human age.

Another age sign is vascular aging. Here we are threatened with couperosis - impaired blood circulation in the skin.

Even “years on the shoulders” can bring such inconvenience as uneven distribution of melanin, hyperpigmentation. This is already the result of a weakening of the body photo protection function.

Non-surgical facelift

In addition to all the above, with age comes the inevitable weakening of the control over cell regeneration, which entails the appearance of benign tumors, skin growths.

Here, as they say, “get it - sign it”: here you have the flames on your cheeks, and different depths and reliefs of wrinkles here and there, and the purple mesh of vessels in the area of ​​the wings of the nose ... presents us our age.Consider: Will a “non-surgical” face lift cope with all this?

Now ask a competent, experienced and, most importantly, decent cosmetologist: with which of the following is he able to cope with the methods applied by him? An honest answer would be: "with pigment spots and vascular network." The latter is possible if the cosmetologist’s office is equipped with a modern vascular laser. And the pigment spots visibly fade after a series of chemical peels.

What else can cosmetology? To clean the skin. To moisturize it, to nourish something useful to give strength - to delay the inevitable "hour X" - the time of aging. Well, yes - even with special creams to protect the skin from aggressive sunlight, try to normalize the percentage of its fat content.

Agree, not so little. But only, sorry, all this can not be called a non-surgical facelift. Before us is nothing butmethods of carebehind the skin of the face. But to get rid of aesthetic flaws - wrinkles, ptosis can really only excision of excess skin graft - that is, the surgical path.

In the Plastic Doctor's Plastic Surgery Clinic, modern techniques are used today, including the use of laser technology, this is done quickly, safely, and safely.the main thing is effective. With the use of microscopic, and hence completely not noticeable later seams.

About "non-operational" risks

We have already mentioned the “horror stories” that scare people who dare to undergo a surgical operation: cuts, anesthesia, stitches. But all this is done not at all in your kitchen, but in a specialized medical institution with the participation and under the constant supervision of highly qualified medical staff. If we talk about the different methods of the very non-surgical facelift, let's be consistent and admit that this option carries with it much more risks.

Non-surgical facelift

For example, with the so-called RF-rejuvenation layer of the dermis is heated to such a temperature that the living protein simply cakes and dies.

Fractional photothermolysis, it turns out, is also not so “white and fluffy” as it is presented in advertising. With this method, the skin is burned through with a multitude of extremely thin laser beams, and new connective tissue structures are created at the places of the resulting burn. But they are very dense, unlike natural tissue, and your face, pulled together by a dead frame of microscopic fibrosis, turns into a mask, which eventually begins to slide down.

It is not by chance that the surgeon will surely ask you what tests you had to expose your body before coming to the clinic for a consultation before a face lift plastic surgery: it may happen that after one of these non-invasive face lifts, you have hidden undead and lost elasticity under one of these non-surgical face lifts film.

Let's not talk about this kind of anesthesia, like lidocaine injection, which is carried out in the cosmetologist's office without the supervision of a specialist, in contrast to the operating conditions in the clinic.

However, perhaps, trips to cosmetology cabinets have become something of a hobby for you. Especially, if you have money for this entertainment, who can be against it - as they say, at least a hundred servings!

But if you have set yourself another task - not to kill time and not to “degrease” your wallet, but to actually look younger, then ...

Then believe in other wonders - man-made. In those that are subject to an experienced, competent, finely feeling fine plastic surgeon.

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