Noni juice - healing exotic drink

Thailand is an amazing and mysterious place that amazes with the beauty of its beaches and islands, leaves vivid memories of extraordinary nature and exotic vegetation that harbors many secrets and unique properties, little-known to the average European.

One of such plants is a mysterious evergreen morinda or, as it is more often called by the locals themselves, noni. Counters of shops and souvenir shops literally burst with a large number of jars of noni juice, tourists interestedly look in their direction and, periodically, because of idle curiosity, they get a jar or two, so to speak, on trial.

A significant role in the interest in such a product is played by numerous advertisements, as well as convincing stories of the sellers themselves about the amazing and healing properties of this drink. But is it true, from what can be heard and read on the Internet?

Good publicity

The homeland of this plant is South Asia, but now Morinda can be found in Australia, Hawaii and New Guinea. The tree blooms and bears fruit all year round, hiding under its leaves small, slightly similar to greenish potatoes, fruits.

Noni juice is a relatively young product of healthy nutrition, its production on an industrial scale was mastered and adjusted only some 20 years ago.

The reason for such a long oblivion, most likely, was not the most pleasant taste, aroma and even the appearance of the fruit. Not without reason, he even has a second name - cheese fruit - the name was formed due to the sharp smell of cheese is not the first freshness.

Only by empirically revealing that noni juice has a large number of useful properties that are able to help a person well, they began to produce it on an industrial scale, although not so large that it could be said about its availability.

Due to the unique composition of the fruits of this tree, noni juice has received a fairly wide scope, however, the results of such experiments are different.

Juice is obtained from these fruits.

Many have noted the beneficial effects of such a product on the human body,there are even reviews about the miraculous cure of people from serious ailments, but there are those who did not like the effect and did not bring the desired result. How so? Let's try to figure it out.

Composition of Morinda Juice

The unique composition of this drink is the basis for its rapid popularity. It includes a huge number of different microelements, vitamins, amino acids and even bitter glycosides! Among the trace elements are sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and others. Among the vitamin group - A, E, C, as well as some vitamins of group B.

Many sources indicate that noni juice is almost the most powerful antioxidant that can find and destroy the negative effects of almost all free radicals that have a detrimental effect on a healthy body.

Original drink

Let's destroy this myth: some truth is here, noni juice does have antioxidant potential, but not more than any freshly squeezed juice, say, apple or orange.

In short, the fact that, along with a bitter drink, you acquire the most powerful remedy for old age and most diseases, is slightly exaggerated in order to enhance exotic products.It also contains a large number of amino acids, in particular, glycine, tyrosine, isoleucine, tryptophan, and many others.

Some manufacturers argue that the maximum saturated smell of juice indicates a high concentration of nutrients in it. Like it or not - the question still remains open.

It should be noted that it is precisely the freshly squeezed noni juice that is credited with so many miraculous properties that has the maximum healing effect. Most of the juices that go on sale are amenable to special treatment, due to the impact of which, most of them evaporate.

What is useful such a drink?

Many experts argue that this product is not just a medicine or active supplement, it is a special tool that can help the body activate its hidden reserves, which helps in the fight against many ailments.

The unique composition of the drink helps to strengthen the immune system, as well as the formation of a large number of T cells, which are an important part of the protective functions of our body. It is also known that noni juice is an effective prophylactic against the development of cancerous tumors, especially in the area of ​​the mammary glands.

Also, this product is a good antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent, promotes healthy sleep, and, if necessary, becomes a painkiller. Due to its special properties, it favorably affects people who are in a state of alcohol or drug addiction, smoking or depression, helping to get out of such a state more gently and delicately.

In industrial production

Noni juice can be used to stabilize high pressure, as well as increase the level of human performance, while not being a doping and not causing addiction.

Many people who are interested will immediately begin to torment the question, and where to buy such an interesting drug, because in ordinary pharmacies you will not find it exactly.

Of course, the best option is to purchase it directly at production sites, for example, when traveling to Thailand. You can try your luck in foreign online stores, however, the prices in them for such wonderful means are unnecessarily high, the price for a liter bottle of real noni juice can reach $ 50!

How to drink noni juice?

As it turned out,such juice for prevention and treatment must be taken on a specific system so that it has time to spread throughout the body before the onset of the digestive process.

It has a specific taste.

So, how to take such a drug: half an hour before meals, but not earlier than one and a half hours after meals. The thing is that during the digestive process, the body releases specific substances that very quickly neutralize all the beneficial properties of this drink, therefore, it is very important that it manage to avoid such a dangerous obstacle, like a stomach.

We must not forget that noni juice still has its own list of contraindications, and the first to get into it are people with individual intolerance to some components of the drink.

You should also be careful of pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who are already taking some medications, because it is not compatible with each of the existing ones. In any case, before you start taking this drug, it is imperative to consult with a specialist.

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