Only for the rich: Sobchak offered not to let poor tourists to Monaco

The socialite offered to introduce a special tax for the middle category of tourists who are annoyed by the presence of very wealthy vacationers.

Xenia is certainly not facing postpartum depression! Six months after giving birth, the young mother went on a luxurious journey, which ordinary tourists can only dream of. Here Ksenia boasts landscapes of Japan and China, and here she is at a fashion show in Milan, Italy, in a couple of weeks she is photographed with Irina Shayk on the red carpet in Cannes. After the secular parties traveler went to the kingdom of Bhutan. The fans, along with Xenia, actively liked the new photo-braggers, leaving admiring comments under each. Until Sobchak posted a strange post in her Instagram, she complained about ordinary tourists:

May 28 2017 at 10:19 PDT

“I ended up in a closed country of incredible beauty.Tomorrow I will watch and tell everything. But I already like the beginning - the young king of Bhutan is promoting the concept of “exclusive tourism” - according to the law, a tourist must spend (and submit a document) at least $ 250 per day per person + tax $ 70 per day of stay. Which cuts off immediately camping and heaps of Chinese. In the end - clean, and so far very, very beautiful. It is necessary to prompt such a law to Prince Albert, and then in Monaco in August photographing “boath life” became so much so that “boath life” in Monaco before the end of September no longer pops the nose, ”wrote Xenia (the author’s punctuation and spelling are preserved).

Of course, offended subscribers did not keep them waiting:

“We’ll sit in our own province now so that Aunt Ksyusha can fly to Monaco before September! Eh ... "

“Oh, this blatant compensation of the complexes at the expense of such statements ... Such a tart thing! Ksenia Anatolyevna, this is at least low - sort people according to the principle of wealth.

"Pride is the greatest sin."

“What if a person does not have that amount in his wallet, now he is forbidden to look at the beauty of the world? What a terrible person you are! This world belongs not only to the rich. ”

"Ksenia, and you can not give out a passport at all to those who have less than a million income per month, as such an option?"

May 30, 2017Venus Erofeev
a guest30.05.17 19:29

Sobchak, this is such a sobchak.

a guest30.05.17 20:44

Whatever Xenia does not broadcast, it turns out narcissism, admiring "self-irony" and stupidly snobbery on a huge scale ... Kiselev is right once: abyrvalg ...

Ksenia wants to say that the greatest wealth of a person is his soul. A person without a soul is replaced by money.

a guest31.05.17 08:57

It’s just not necessary to let people go, and life will be calmer, and society will be decent.

Finally, the Democrats show their true face. Her dad at the end of the 80s was talking about some kind of movers when they took power - they showed what was to be expected. Give more such statements, you see this year will be repeated a century ago.

a guest02.06.17 15:29

Well, Sobchak ... so much so that even the name of the Prince of Monaco could not correctly spell, since he is not Albert.

a guest02.06.17 21:56

Yeah .. Such as it is not allowed anywhere, it is necessary to isolate from people. In general, insolent. Let them get to the uninhabited island, and she can freely and normal people have a rest from those like Xenia.

Sobchak lives on money? And how about finding out about the sources. Including who daddy robbed her of.

a guest06.06.17 12:49

The lower the man's soul,

The higher up the nose.

He has his nose pulled there,

Where the soul is not old enough.

a guest09.06.17 10:38

What a beautiful quatrain, I got a tear. I feel sorry for Sobchak, not realizing that we all walk under GOD. Only the Lord does not sort people into first and second grade. In general, it’s a pity for those people who think that you can do everything with money. remember the young artists that millions have not helped, and now they do not need them.

a guest06.06.17 17:02

Straight "Wild Landowner" Saltykov-Shchedrin! If the "poor" disappears, then Ksyusha and others like her will simply go crazy.

a guest07.06.17 15:07

white swan island as you like? There are not allowed to strangers

a guest08.06.17 11:31

What is she rich !? So, the middle half! Give her a dream.

a guest09.06.17 09:19

And what, the poor are bursting into Bhutan?)) Students - these, yes, therefore, the world is running around with backpacks. so among them there are those, in comparison with which Ksyusha is a beggar. Just principles are different. And in Monaco, the rich now have nothing to do: except to go shopping. so in the Prado is always empty ...

Kharkhor. The impudent, vulgar "glamor" bourgeois with a horse muzzle and a dog's name - are you giving her off as the face of a new Russia? In my opinion, you have mixed parts of the body.

found someone to discuss

a guest13.06.17 09:22

Clear.Continue to monitor the laboratory specimen, reduce by 50% the introduction of stimuli.

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