Options for hairstyles under the cap

With the onset of cold weather, we are beginning to warm up actively. And one of the main tasks is to have a hat to protect the head from cold wind and frost. But many women of fashion often refuse such details of wardrobe, because it spoils a beautiful hairstyle. But after all, health must be taken first and foremost, and so that you do not worry about the safety of the styling, we have prepared some useful ideas for you.

Warm and fashionable

So, the first rule is to never refuse a hat, beret, cap or any other headgear in the cold. The second rule is to agree to revise your style and habits. What do hair stylists offer?

  • Waves. Twisted curls always look beautiful and attractive. But wearing over a hat, many girls face trouble - curls under it are crushed and look untidy. The solution is - the beach waves. Make them very easy. It is enough to wind the hair slightly from the middle of the length. Another quick way is to apply the gel or mousse for styling, twist it into a tight bundle and dry it with a hairdryer or wait a while for the styling products to dry. After dissolve.
  • Fashionable tail.The following options are suitable for owners of disobedient and curly curls:
  • Harness - you can do it both high and low. Tie the tail and divide it in half. Screw each part on the finger counterclockwise, and after the finished harnesses, roll them together in a clockwise direction, and fasten it well at the bottom with an elastic band. This style looks great on long hair.
  • Flashlight - make it easy. Pick up the elastic bands to match the hair so that everything looks as natural as possible, make the tail, and tie the elastic bands at the same distance from each other, leaving the curls not stretched. After removing the headdress, slightly fan each part of the tail, giving it the shape of a flashlight, as shown in the photo.
  • Spit. If the usual for you is too banal, then we offer several alternatives:
  • Malvinka with a scythe. For girls who love loose hair, a simple, but at the same time original version of “Malvinki” is possible. By itself, it looks too simple, but if instead of a tail to make a voluminous braid, the hairstyle will become more presentable. Especially attractive it will look with a French braid.vice versa.
  • French braid from the forehead. Even the tightest fitting hat can not spoil your appearance in this case. Start to weave the braid in reverse, starting from the zone of the forehead, gradually weaving the strands from the crown. If the headdress fluffs up a little hairstyle - not terrible, it will only make it more voluminous and beautiful. Perfectly suitable for medium length.
  • Curls. In winter, too, there are solemn occasions, so you should always have an idea for such a day. And if it is cold outside, and without a headdress in any way, then they will save the curls raised to the back of the head, fastened with a hairpin and twisted with a curling iron. If you securely fasten them with pins, then you can wear a beautiful bezel, which will not let your hair get tattered.

Helpful Tips

Having shared with you the most successful hairstyles in our opinion, now let's try to figure out how to keep them?

  1. If it is wet outside, be sure to wear a hat, otherwise the hair will not only start to push, but also lose its natural luster.
  2. You can start modeling hair only if the hair is completely dry. Undried curls can spoil it. But do not overdry, especially at the roots.Otherwise, you risk becoming like a dandelion when you take off your hat.
  3. If you do a hairdryer, wait until it cools down. And only then wear a hat.

To invent unusual styling and trying to save them with a lot of money is pointless. And therefore it is better to choose a simple but practical option that will retain its attractive appearance in any cold. Be beautiful!

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