Original decoration: chamomile German bead knitting

Want something new and interesting? Pay attention to the German bead knit. It allows you to create an original lush canvas, similar to weaved on a special machine.

Original napkins that resemble wicker, you can tie an ordinary crochet. To start, tie the ring from the air loops, and then pull the working thread through the ring, connecting together. Act as if doing a normal nakid. One element will consist of several such loops (depending on the thickness of your napkin). Thus you need to tie the entire ring in a circle, and then connect the loop in the top row.

For the next row, knit each working loop with several crochets so that the desired pattern is formed (except for the connecting loops). But now you need to knit not in a circle, but form a triangular petal from the middle, extending from the base.Close the knitting at the end, and for the next petal, attach a new thread to the center. So tie a flower with six petals.

Next, you need to take a string of contrasting color (traditionally - white), and tie the edges of the flower with loops with nacs, connecting the petals with each other.

Of the white threads in the same technique, tie three leaf-like petals and three leaflets of oblong shape. It remains only to collect all the elements together with a needle and thread.

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