Overweight during pregnancy

A woman during pregnancy is actively persuaded to eat for two. She actively eats and is strenuously getting fat. It is believed that fullness and pregnancy are inseparable concepts. This is not the case.


Gaining excess weight during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, but only in the case when the increase is reasonable. What limits are reasonable?


The rate of weight gain for the entire period of pregnancy is an average of 8-12 kg. If a woman is gaining more, it already says about excess weight.


In general, during pregnancy you should eat not for two, but for two. The difference is to pay attention not to the amount of food consumed, but to its quality.



How to lose weight during pregnancy



This difficult period is not the best time to diet and limit yourself to nutrition. But to observe the basic principles of healthy eating is not only possible but necessary. Let's analyze a few simple rules that will allow a woman not to gain excess weight, while remaining young and beautiful after the birth.


Firstly, for any person, and for a woman in such a special position, all the more, a full breakfast is necessary. After sleep, you were without food for a long time; morning is the best time to replenish your energy reserves. Moreover, if you do not have breakfast properly, you will eat more at lunch, which will adversely affect your body.


All day you should plan your menu in advance. If you stick to this plan, it will be easier to observe the regime. A pregnant woman is characterized by a sudden feeling of hunger. Therefore, it’s better to always have something to eat, healthy fruit or yogurt.


Try to eat homemade food that you cook properly and with love. Unfortunately, in many cafes food is prepared incorrectly, with violation of technology. And in general, all sorts of sandwiches and hamburgers contain a lot of harmful substances that get not only into your body, but also your baby. These substances are usually not excreted naturally and accumulate in the body.


You should listen to yourself first. Your body will never deceive you. Do not give in to the entreaties of your loved ones, that it's time to eat. You know better what and when you need it.Not feeling hungry, do not eat up, just because your loved ones think that it will be better.


Also remember that harmful products do harm during this period not only to you, but also to your child. It should be temporarily abandoned the sharp cheeses, smoked sausage, soda and excessive sweets. You should not overpower yourself, just if you use it, know the measure. But, if possible, include porridge, dairy products, fruits, boiled meat into your diet.


During pregnancy, you should not give up on physical activity. It is possible on the advice of a doctor to perform special exercises that are useful for expectant mothers. Elementary activities will help you in childbirth and after them, during the recovery period.


It is also good to walk more in the fresh air, while walking on foot. Allowed to swim in the pool. But at the same time your doctor must be aware of all your activities.


The next principle of healthy eating is not eating at night. This principle is to be observed not only for pregnant women, but for everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle and does not want to gain excess weight. Although it is sometimes difficult for pregnant women to resist the feeling of hunger, even in the evening sometimes I want to eat. Then let it be low-fat yogurt or some kind of fruit.


And the last advice to pregnant women who do not want to gain weight is no starvation. In this situation, starvation can harm not only yourself, but also your child. He simply will not get the nutrients necessary for growth and development, which can lead to various deviations and developmental lag.


In addition, fasting is stress for the body itself. After returning to normal nutrition, excess weight is very quickly recruited, and this leads to various negative consequences.


So, we found out the basic commandments of a healthy diet.

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