A gift to dad, a gift to mom

A gift to dad, a gift to mom I propose to make pretty gifts from yarn residues. We will not knit, no. We will do felting, in other words, felting. Needle needing for felting, but not simple, but with notches. Needle for felting is.

Steel Phone Hard Case

Steel Phone Hard Case Covers are different. Plastic and metal, cloth and leather, light and heavy, all of them are designed to protect the gadget from dust, moisture and scratches. But it is not necessary to buy this useful product in the store! It.

Clothing for newborns

Clothing for newborns Baby Clothing: the right choice The choice of clothing for the new man should be taken very, very responsibly. After all, if the baby will feel uncomfortable, he will tell you about it through tears and tantrums. Hardly you want it.

10 Useful Makeup Tips

10 Useful Makeup Tips Almost every woman of the fair sex uses makeup daily. Some of them do not leave without make-up even for bread, others, on the contrary, consider it a waste of time to apply cosmetics for a long time. But from.

How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner Arrows do not just look around, but model their shape in accordance with the fashion and taste of the possessor. How to apply eyeliner, how thick to make an eyeliner line and where, you can decide only by getting acquainted.

Royal sofa for dolls

Royal sofa for dolls What do children like most? Of course, play. Boys in cars, but girls in daughter-mothers. And, as it is known in every doll house there should be, especially a soft sofa for the doll. So let's do it ourselves to.

7 signs of bad taste

7 signs of bad taste Is taste in clothes a quality inherent or acquired by own experience and with the help of the right sources for inspiration? There are so many books written on this topic that the question still seems to be sharp.

Fleece denim boots

Fleece denim boots Who would have thought that an old denim skirt could gain a new life in the form of fashionable and very comfortable homemade fleece boots? But remaking old things is always creative. The arisen idea fascinates and seems to lead itself.

Vase for cosmetics

Cosmetics vase I want to offer you a vase for cosmetics with my own hands. Beautician is certainly good, but digging into it and looking for the right mascara is not always convenient. Therefore, you can make a convenient and practical vase from paper.

DIY sugar crystals

Do-It-Yourself sugar crystals I show you a simple and funny chemical experiment. We used to do it at school, only took salt and grew salt crystals. In the same example, we will take sugar and grow crystals from it. It will be a lollipop.

Chamomile Hair Tie

Chamomile Hair Tie Of the huge number of wildflowers, camomiles are the most popular. This flower is associated with purity, tenderness and trembling. Most girls choose them because of memories from their childhood, when they wondered when they broke petals from daisies. For making.

Gift Packaging

Gift Wrap To give and receive gifts is very nice. However, sometimes it happens that there is a gift, but everyone has forgotten about packing or did not have time to prepare it. The way out of this situation is very simple - to.


Throat lozenges With the arrival of winter, it is time for colds and flu! And most often the throat starts to hurt. Of course there are many different drugs like Strepsils, etc. But since all these medications are quite expensive, I want to offer.

Warm headband

Warm headband Winter is coming, and with it the time to choose warm hats. If the caps do not attract you, feel free to give preference to knitted bandages. They will not only protect your ears from frost, but also keep your hair in.

Pet Dirthead

Pet Clipper This kogtetochke - almost a year and a half. When I did it, I took photos of the stages, just in case, because I didn’t hope that it would last for a long time: after all, it’s cardboard, and the claws of.

Ice Shot

Ice Glass Ice Glassis a master class, we do an unusual glass of ice with our own hands, which will be an original replacement for a regular glass at a party, as well as the replacement of ice cubes. Materials and tools: 1 large.

Chocolate Hearts Donuts

Chocolate Hearts Donuts Donuts with chocolate Hearts- a recipe. Ingredients: eggs 2 pieces; milk 200 gr; yeast 25 g; Sugar 4 tbsp. l.; vanilla 1 sachet; pinch of salt; chocolate 100g; flour; cooking oil; notch in the shape of a heart. Cooking Dissolve the.

Overweight during pregnancy

Overweight during pregnancy A woman during pregnancy is actively persuaded to eat for two. She actively eats and is strenuously getting fat. It is believed that fullness and pregnancy are inseparable concepts. This is not the case. Gaining excess weight during pregnancy is a.

Christian Louboutin released Kraft paper and cardboard shoes

Christian Louboutin released Kraft paper and cardboard shoes The symbol of the luxury of the 90s era, Christian Louboutin is still timeless and trendless. But one of these trends - to make things from unusual materials - the designers of the French brand did.

Solid wood furniture for wealthy people

Solid wood furniture for wealthy people People tend to create in their home an atmosphere of modern, beautiful and harmonious, and if we are talking about people with higher than average income, special attention is paid to the issue of accommodation, as this way.

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