How to make a wine from plums at home

How to make a wine from plums at home How to make a wine from plums at home At home, people usually cook wines from apples or berries (currants, cherries), while completely forgetting about such a beautiful fruit as plum. Wines from plum fruits.

How to whiten the skin in the armpit area

How to whiten the skin in the armpits? Self-care is sometimes a difficult process, requiring time, effort, and considerable financial outlay. But at all times, the girls tried to look attractive, because who, if not them, carry beauty to the masses, evoking admiration and.

Black pants - learn to wear new ways (11 photos)

Black pants - learn to wear new ways (11 photos) There are things that go for almost everyone. And if you choose the right style, then you can hide all that you do not need to show, and at the same time it is.

Breeds of hypoallergenic cats

Breeds of hypoallergenic cats Lovers of cats who suffer from allergies to the wool of these cute animals are unfortunate people, because communication with pets gives them great discomfort and sometimes causes real suffering. Fortunately, there are hypoallergenic rocks. Are there hypoallergenic cats? Any.

High Voltage Source from TDKS

High voltage source from TDKS Now it is very often possible to find outdated kinescopic TVs in the garbage bin, with the development of technology they are not relevant packs, therefore now they are mostly disposed of. Perhaps everyone saw on the back of.

Causes of acne in the tongue

Causes of acne in the tongue Since our oral cavity is a fruitful field for the action and reproduction of many bacteria, then, in principle, it is not surprising if a pimple or slight inflammation suddenly appeared on the surface of the tongue. In.

How to tie a missile with a crochet

How to crochet a rocket Every reading lover knows how important a bookmark is. It's so easy to lose the page on which reading stopped last time. In this master class, we will tie a crochet bookmark. And as the day of astronautics is.

Quilling for the New Year

Quilling for the New Year The art of quilling came to us not so long ago, but it successfully stuck. In fact, handicrafts made from curled paper look so attractive, and they are not so difficult to make. Postcards and paintings made in the.

We clean the fur coat at home: how to clean the mink coat

We clean the fur coat at home: how to clean the mink coat Fur products usually have a long service life. The fastest wearing fur is rabbit: products from it live up to 4 years, the arctic fox is worn up to 7, the.

How to clear the body

How to clear the body How to clear the body When people bring vehicles into the country from abroad, people often have certain problems with customs clearance. It is especially hard to figure out how to act, if you only need to clear the.

Simple High Voltage Converter

Simple High Voltage Converter A very simple 50 kV converter, which essentially consists of three elements. All components are available and, if desired, easy to find. A high-voltage converter can be used for various experiments with high electricity, such as an ionizer, an insulation.

RF lifting at home

RF lifting at home RF-lifting - a new method of skin rejuvenation without the use of plastic surgery. The method is based on exposure to the skin of radio frequencies (RF = Radio frequency), at which the skin and the subcutaneous fat close to.

New Year's costume for a child

New Year's costume for a child On the eve of New Year's holidays and matinees, each mother strives to dress her child up in a proper way. Unfortunately, today not every family can afford to buy a ready-made carnival costume. But to sew it.

What holidays are in May 2016

What are the holidays in May 2016? May is always associated with all of us with the approach of the long-awaited summer, with the beautiful weather outside the window, with the opportunity to go on a picnic in order to soak up the sun.

How to learn to guess on the cards

How to learn fortune-telling on maps In childhood, girls love to guess. Firstly, this process always looks very interesting and mystical. And secondly, everyone wants to know what will happen in the future. At the same time, they often guess both about everyday life.

How to choose the front door

How to choose the front door There is nothing more responsible than choosing the front door. This is not the case when you can save - peace and security are the most expensive. The main thing here is to understand how to distinguish a.

How to make a doll house with your own hands

How to make a doll house with your own hands? Many children ask their parents to buy them a toy house for the holidays, but very often this gift is very, very expensive. Therefore, parents simply can not afford to buy such a house.

Apartment decoration styles

Apartment decoration styles Each apartment owner wants to make his home interesting, original and comfortable. But often, people do not know with what design elements and solutions it is possible to equip an unusual apartment interior. The perfect solution for an unusual style can.

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