Malignant Tumor Therapy

Malignant Tumor Therapy Malignant Tumor Therapy Malignant Tumor Therapy To cure cancer, elimination of all malignant cells is necessary. The main methods of tumor treatment are surgery, radiation therapy (for local and local-regional forms of the disease) and chemotherapy (for systemic diseases). Other important.

Great-grandmother's cat

Great-grandmother cat Our ancestors played with such or similar animals. Most of the children's toys were homemade, made of scrap materials. At first, the parents gave a “master class” on fun, and then the children made their own works, creatively improving themselves in the.

Little Princess Hair Clip

Little Princess Hair Clip Today we will make a hairpin for our little princess. And so, we will need the following materials: a needle, scissors, threads, ribbons, silicone glue, children's hair clip "crocodile", beads, a piece of tulle. 1. From a piece of tulle.

How to become a ninja

How to become a ninja If you are interested in information, how to become a ninja in real life, read the article. The story begins with the fact that modern ninjas rarely use traditional costumes, and their weapons are not limited to flying stars.

50 shades of gray - 2, first trailer

"50 shades of gray - 2", the first trailer On February 9, the adventures of a naive and timid Anastacia in the harsh world of BDSM will continue ... She will again try to save Mr. Gray, a young, successful businessman who loves to.

Canned food for catering

Canned food for catering Canned semi-finished products for catering will be discussed in this article. The technology of canned filling, side dishes and other convenience foods has been developed with regard to their subsequent culinary use. For example, for cooking Ukrainian borscht, sliced ​​potatoes.

Cushions - are they needed?

Cushions - are they needed? After Lancôme released Cushion, beauty bloggers and all those who care about the beauty industry rushed to buy a novelty. Result? Someone was delighted, someone did not understand what is the fundamental difference between the “mix of foundation and.

Fresh juices: good or bad

Fresh juices: good or bad? Because: At the very moment when you are driving two cucumbers, a bunch of greens, half a lemon (or even a whole!), A dozen apples and a large carrot (a good salad recipe, by the way), to get the.

Accessory selection rule

Accessory selection rule Creating a unique style of your own, due to a number of reasons, patterns and objective factors, today excites so many people, not just young girls or women who follow fashion. In addition to clothing, hairstyles, shoes and hats, a well-thought-out.

Monkey picture for kids

Monkey picture for kids The monkey tops the list of the most recognizable animals. Children love her for her lively disposition and for the fact that her appearance is so similar to a human one. And monkeys look after this appearance many hours a.

Why girls love bad boys

Why do girls like bad boys? The situation in which a good and decent girl chooses a notorious bastard, a scoundrel and a scoundrel is not such a rare one, a lot of films have been made on this subject, hundreds of books have.

Bouquet for a nice lady

Bouquet for a nice lady On the eve of the International Women's Day is worth thinking about gifts. Agree, gifts made with his own hands, will delight your loved ones more than the exquisite works of modern industry. This master class is dedicated to.

Cookbook with own hands

Cooking book with your own hands In today's Master Class, I would like to tell and show you how to make a book for cooking recipes with your own hands. Its production will not take you much time and will bring you a lot.

A gift to dad, a gift to mom

A gift to dad, a gift to mom I propose to make pretty gifts from yarn residues. We will not knit, no. We will do felting, in other words, felting. Needle needing for felting, but not simple, but with notches. Needle for felting is.

Steel Phone Hard Case

Steel Phone Hard Case Covers are different. Plastic and metal, cloth and leather, light and heavy, all of them are designed to protect the gadget from dust, moisture and scratches. But it is not necessary to buy this useful product in the store! It.

Clothing for newborns

Clothing for newborns Baby Clothing: the right choice The choice of clothing for the new man should be taken very, very responsibly. After all, if the baby will feel uncomfortable, he will tell you about it through tears and tantrums. Hardly you want it.

10 Useful Makeup Tips

10 Useful Makeup Tips Almost every woman of the fair sex uses makeup daily. Some of them do not leave without make-up even for bread, others, on the contrary, consider it a waste of time to apply cosmetics for a long time. But from.

How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner Arrows do not just look around, but model their shape in accordance with the fashion and taste of the possessor. How to apply eyeliner, how thick to make an eyeliner line and where, you can decide only by getting acquainted.

Royal sofa for dolls

Royal sofa for dolls What do children like most? Of course, play. Boys in cars, but girls in daughter-mothers. And, as it is known in every doll house there should be, especially a soft sofa for the doll. So let's do it ourselves to.

7 signs of bad taste

7 signs of bad taste Is taste in clothes a quality inherent or acquired by own experience and with the help of the right sources for inspiration? There are so many books written on this topic that the question still seems to be sharp.

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