Pamela Anderson is preparing to become a mother at 51

Pam's sons from marriage with rocker Tommy Lee, 20-year-old Dylan Jagger and 21-year-old Brandon Thomas, no longer require care and attention, and the former Playboy star would also like to babysit. In addition, Adil is not someone who anyhow, but a world champion in football and is quite able to provide a child with a decent future. Well, the costly procedure of IVF, which will help Pamela to become pregnant, is not a problem for him at all.

Publication from The Pamela Anderson Foundation (@pamelaanderson)Apr 8, 2018 at 9:33 am PDT

The only thing about which Anderson is going through is about her health. “Dylan and Brendan are old enough to understand that the upcoming procedure can be grueling and difficult for a woman of her age. If her dream comes true and she becomes pregnant, then carrying out the child and then giving birth to him will be a great physical test for the body, ”says a source close to the family. Of course, there is rational grain here, but Adil is unlikely to allow her beloved to take risks if there is even the slightest threat to her life.It is rumored that most recently he made Pamela an official offer of a hand and a heart, and she said a confident "yes."

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