Pamela Anderson lost weight and prettier after parting with her boyfriend

Loneliness is a star only benefit.

The 51-year-old Malibu Rescuers star recently broke up with her fiancé. But the gorgeous blonde did not grieve for a long time. Paparazzi caught actress on a Parisian street - and I must say, Anderson looked just fine. Tight light gray dress emphasized the figure of Pamela. And even the haters could not help but note that the star beauty was pretty thin.

Pamela anderson
Photo: Getty Images

But in the spring to the next secular party, Pamela appeared in a luxurious long silk evening dress in the color of dark chocolate. Everything would be fine, but only thin silk highlighted all the flaws of the Anderson figure, in particular, its very fat belly. This was especially evident when she relaxed a little, and did not pose for photographers.

Now it�s just impossible to find fault with the appearance of a celebrity.She again proved that it is not for nothing that she has the status of a sex symbol. Probably now her ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old football player Adil Rami, bites his elbows. Although ... after all, it was not he who threw Pamela - Anderson was the initiator of the separation. The actress decided to part with him after he began to seriously discuss their marriage. Apparently, the star was not ready to sacrifice their freedom.

But their relationship seemed cloudless. The Hollywood diva even flew to St. Petersburg to the semi-finals of the World Cup to personally support Adil Rami, who fought for the �blue� ones. So the general public and became aware of their romance. Attentive fans managed to trace not only the amazing attacks and counterattacks of the French on the field, but also the magic beauty ring on the finger of the actress. Dressed, as far as it is possible to see from the distance of the VIP box, with diamonds, and even on the ring finger of the right hand, this can only be engagement. And then Pamela confessed in an interview with The Sun how strong her feelings were for Adil: �He�s fantastic. I love him, of course. You have to be brave and enjoy the moments! �

But the tale did not last long.Now the heart of the star is free again. Although, looking at the immaculate appearance of Pamela, we think that she will not be left alone for long.

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