Hairline "Pansies"

"Pansies" - one of the most gentle and touching flowers. Even created from satin ribbons, they look charming and cute.
 Pansy Hair Tie
For making Pansy gum you need: - small hair tie. - glue gun. - scissors. - satin ribbon of yellow, green and white colors. - golden spangles. - yellow rhinestone with a diameter of 0.4 see - lighter. Creating decoration. Ribbons of yellow and white shades need cut into identical squares with sides of 5 cm.
 Pansy Hair Tie
Now you should put the details into a triangular shape, folding it in half.
Eraser for hair Pansies
Next yellow square needs to be cut in half, creating two rectangles.Now you need to place a yellow long part over the white triangle, placing it parallel to the fold line of the bottom blank.
 Pansy hair tie
Yellow tape should be around 1 see below white detail. Holding both parts in such an arrangement, they should be folded in half, the edges of the yellow ribbon at the same time will strongly protrude beyond the white part. As a result, the future petal turned out to be divided into two equal parts.
 Pansy Hair Tie
Then you need to fold the fold of the petal into one small side with a small fold.Eraser for hair Pansies
Then repeat the creation of folds from the second side, making the petal symmetric.

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