Paper garland with their hands for the New 2016

In anticipation of the holiday I want something original, unusual. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive home decorations, but to make garlands of paper with your own hands is something that is available to everyone.

Paper garland with their hands for the New 2016

Make a garland of paper (method 1)

For this we need:

  • color paper (you can use matte, but glossy look even better);
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Cut the paper into strips of the same size. Now turn it into a ring and glue the edges with glue. We pass the second strip through the first one and also glue it together. We do the same with all of the following, until we get a garland of the right size. A garland of paper is ready.

Making a paper garland

Garlands of paper (method 2)

Take a long strip of colored paper and fold it in the shape of an accordion. Draw a picture on it. Now cut out the figure along the contour of your drawing, just do not forget to leave room for connecting these patterns. Now you can deploy. Such a unpretentious garland of paper with our own hands turned out.

Tip: for convenience, do not make the harmonica too thick, as it will be difficult to cut. Better make thinner, and then glue.

How to make a garland of paper (method 3)

You need to fold the rectangles of an accordion. Next, fold each in half and glue together the sides. Position one up, second down, alternating. Grab a paper garland with your own hands for the New Year with the help of ropes that you glue on the sides of the finished product.

Making a paper garland

Garlands of paper in the form of flags

On the cardboard, draw a pattern of a flag or another figure. Cut the squares on colored paper twice as large as our layout, then fold them in half. Put the template, draw a simple pencil without cutting the top to get a double figure. Now the flags can be hung on a beautiful ribbon or rope. From the inside they need to be glued together so as not to fall. Decorate the garlands with your own hands with appliqué, if you wish.

Openwork Christmas paper garland with their own hands

First, cut out many identical circles. Their number depends on the desired size of the product. For convenience, use a cardboard template or any other round object.Now roll these circles like a "plane" (as they did in childhood). The result was a triangle shape. Now draw the notches in a semicircle, first left, then right, alternating one after another. When you deploy - you get a beautiful piece, from which will be our garland. Now glue the two pieces where the paper is bent, and when you take them by the middle and stretch them, you get a patterned ball. Make them the number you need, sticking together among themselves at the middle. But on the edge of the garland of paper with your own hands attach the loops for which we will hang it.

Making a paper garland

How to make a garland of paper with his own hands from stripes

Slice the cardboard into even strips or buy ready-made colored bookmarks in the stationery store. Put them together and sew with a needle. Such a decoration can be hung, for example, to the chandelier. Only for this, at the end, which will be below, attach a small object for weight, then the product will open nicely.

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