Paprika Cake with Curd

You will need
  • - a bag of gelatin;
  • - 40 g pine nuts;
  • - 2 bunches of basil;
  • - 1 head of garlic;
  • - 750 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  • - 1 tbsp. spoon of wine vinegar;
  • - 750 g of Bulgarian pepper without peel (canned);
  • - 50 ml of milk;
  • - salt, pepper to taste.
Soak the gelatin in a little water.
In a dry frying pan fry the nuts until light golden brown.
Basil finely chopped, skip the garlic through the garlic and mix with cottage cheese and vinegar. Pepper, salt and add nuts.
Remove the pepper from the jar and cut it lengthwise into two.
Heat the milk over low heat, pour in the gelatin and add the curd mass.
Take the form for baking and put on the bottom 1/3 pepper, half the curd mass, on top of the layers of pepper, again curd mass and remaining pepper.
Soak in the refrigerator overnight. Serve, pre-cut into portions, and garnish with greens.

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