Paris Fashion Week: Best Shoes

What is most interesting in the shows of high fashion week? We sincerely thought that it was evening dresses, until we reached the shoes - it turns out that by its glamor and singularity at the latest Parisian shows, she easily “made” the dresses. On the catwalks originals were found from almost fabulous skewers with embroidery from the nineteenth century before the jackboots, which finally “grew” to literally turn into pants. To be honest, the designer experiments with shoes at the last High Fashion Week in Paris managed to surprise us so much that we devoted a separate review to the most amusing finds.

Clog Shoes by Maison Margiela

John Galliano, who is now working on the Maison Margiela collections, is close to both historicism and theatricality, and sarcasm in things, and the new show has all three of these concepts: some things touched, some surprised, and some shocked. The last is, perhaps, about rubber boots-boots from Galliano, but affection is about another version of traditional Dutch shoes on the catwalk.

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