Peeling for scalp

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Peeling is an essential step in skin care. This is a great way to clean the skin, remove dead particles, increase blood flow. It promotes skin breathing and assimilation of beneficial components, stimulates hair growth. This manipulation brings exceptional benefit to the skin with dandruff and high fat content.

For this care, there are ready-made tools for in-depth cleaning, salon procedures. But there are no less effective and harmless ways for self-preparation.

The effect of peeling on the condition of hair

The main purpose of the peeling is cleaning the head of dead particles, excessive amount of sebum (sebaceous secretions, cosmetics residues), which accumulates on the skin and curls. The effect of peeling is to exfoliate the epidermis, which brings considerable benefits. Because of this, peeling is popular in the treatment and prevention of various skin problems.

Exceptional benefit is observed with seborrhea, peeling, hair loss and excessive fat.Systematic in-depth cleaning accelerates skin regeneration. It stimulates the work of cells, helps to heal the skin. Oxygen and other elements are more likely to reach the skin. It accelerates their growth, improves the condition.

After the procedure, the care products have a stronger effect. Therefore, this method often serves as a preliminary preparation for the use of masks in salons.

Systematic cleaning will help to normalize the metabolic processes, the function of the glands, give a feeling of freshness, eliminate itching.

Peeling hair. Indications

Indications for peeling are different in that similar care is suitable for all types of hair and at any age. Experts advise holding this event during puberty. At this stage, a sharp release of hormones, which forms a blockage of the pores of the skin. In addition, the indication is excessive fat production, dandruff.

Peeling for scalp

But, despite the advantages and advantages, the procedure has some cautions:

individual sensitivity to salon peeling components;
the presence of inflammation on the skin;
violation and wounds on the skin of the head.

Peeling hair salon

To date, peeling hair produced in most salons. Usually, for this procedure, the medical components of the professional series are used, which contain active and effective substances.

In the barbershop procedure becomes one of the stages of complex treatment. It consists in such actions: on the dried or wet washed hair put a component for cleaning. Then the master massage the scalp for a while. Next, along with dead skin particles, the product is washed off, and a mask or lotion is applied to the curls to moisturize and nourish or to regenerate.

In general, the peeling process includes some main steps:

the first is to moisturize the curls. Before starting the procedure, wash your hair in order to eliminate contamination. They can worsen the effect of peeling agents;
the second is the lubrication of a special composition of the scalp and hair. After this, a gentle massage of the skin with the fingers is carried out along the massage lines for 30 minutes;
in the third step, the strands are treated with shampoos and masks that positively affect the hair, regenerate the skin.

Means for peeling scalp

Finished means for peeling the scalp today are in the range of most brands that produce cosmetics. Among them are Paul Mitchell, Wella, Utena and other brands.

Such tools have a diverse density. This is a shampoo with enhanced cleaning, and creams, and peels, and masks with exfoliation, as well as fluids for in-depth cleaning. Creamy remedies are commonly used.

Peeling for scalp

Hair scrubbing is chemical and mechanical. The latter is considered to be cleaning from dirt and peeling off horny scales with the help of microscopic granules. They effectively eliminate unnecessary particles, but their size is too small to traumatize the skin.

In the course of dry cleaning, components are used in which the active elements are present. They remove dead cells. Often, the means combine both actions. Detergents are universal, they have only a cosmetic effect or are used to solve certain problems (oiliness, dandruff).

Cosmetics to fight dandruff, except for exfoliation, produces treatment and fights against the fungus. It stops the development of microorganisms and heals the skin.In addition, the composition contains auxiliary elements, which improves the health of the scalp. These include essential oils, algae, natural extracts.

In addition, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, panthenol, useful components and glycerin are found in the composition. With regards to the cost, you can find an economical option for 150 rubles. But most brands offer peels in the range of 700-1500 rubles.

Homemade hair peeling

Carrying out a home hair peel is the same as salon. Houses are usually used not too active components. Funds can be found in supermarkets, but it is better to pay attention to the assortment of professional stores. An excellent solution would be to purchase the composition in the salons.

Another way for fans of natural remedies is salt peeling. For this purpose, you will need chopped salt, the advantage is given to sea. Based on the length of the curls, you may need 2-5 spoons. They are flooded with an equal volume of water, i.e. in a 1: 1 ratio.

Salt porridge is required to gently massage the skin. Movement go floor lines for massage. This cleaning takes about 10 minutes.After the massage, leave the mask for 10 minutes, then remove the salt, washing the hair. Such manipulations are enough every 7 days. Some experts advise cleaning the salt with a course for 8 weeks, then taking a break of a couple of months, which is required to prevent dryness.

Peeling for scalp

If you believe the opinion of those who constantly conducts peeling with the use of salt, after these manipulations, the curls become silky, radiant and smooth. In addition, there is a feeling of lightness and cleanliness.

Rules for the preparation of hair scrubs

Consider the basic rules for making scrub for the scalp:

Abrasive base.

If we talk about the composition of peels for the skin, the base is natural coffee, grated grains of oatmeal or rice, grated herbs, henna. These are effective components for the skin. They are allowed to be used to clean the scalp, but after that it is not easy to wash the hair from scrub particles. If you have a short haircut, then such a composition will do.

The most well-known variants of the basis for peeling are sugar and salt, they dissolve easily in water. In this case, the sugar may be white or brown. The latter is considered more useful.Salt is suitable simple, sea or enriched with iodine. The main goal of these products is skin cleaning, and simple salt can cope with this goal.

Which element to choose, it's up to everyone to decide. There is one peculiarity: sea salt is more beneficial than sugar, but all types of salt dry the skin. Therefore, you should not abuse the salt scrub. Once a couple of weeks, and a break after 6 treatments in a few months. For sugar scrub there is no such contraindication.

Additional components.

In this case, the flight of fancy is not limited. You can add kefir, esters and base oils, yogurt, herbal teas, yolks, fruit purees. This tool will not only clean, but also nourishes the skin, moisturize it, tones.

Peeling Recipes

Consider a few popular recipes for home peels:

Sea salt peeling.

The clear leader among household formulations is sea salt. Fine or medium grinding is suitable. She needs to massage the skin for a couple of minutes, then hold the mask for half an hour.

Peeling for scalp

It is applied to dry or wet hair, mixed with natural dairy products, vegetable oil, drops of ether.For starters, it is better to wet the curls and then start the massage. So the salt does not dissolve, does not pour off from the hair and does not flow.

After 30 minutes, rinse with a simple shampoo, but before that you can apply a mask. Preliminary peeling will enhance its effectiveness. The use of salt is allowed no more than once a week, and with fatty scalp - 2 times.

Remember that you can not massage the salt too vigorously. It will damage the skin, cause itching and irritation.

Black bread in the role of peeling.

Among other popular home-made methods is the use of black bread. This is a fairly well-known and effective mask. Brew a crust of bread with boiling water, let it steep for a couple of hours. After massaging the skin using soaked bread. This is a great cleaning method.

In addition, the mask is washed off without the use of shampoo, as the bread absorbs dirt and cleanses the skin. This home remedy is 3 in 1 - peeling, mask and shampoo.

Essential oils.

Among the ethers, the properties of peeling are distinguished by peppermint oils, tea tree, lavender and jojoba. Castor oil, along with other advantages, is able to act as a scrub.Heated oil rubbed into the skin movements in a circle. After leaving in the form of a mask for 60 minutes.

Similarly, the effect of peeling can be achieved with other homemade masks - with yolk or onion.

Cleaning the scalp is considered a guarantee of beauty and health of the curls, their freshness. Peeling strengthens the effect of masks, prevents the appearance of dandruff, helps to make a massage.

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