People named the most beautiful people in the world

People magazine on April 29 published the annual list of the 100 most beautiful people in the world. First place in the list was taken by actress Christina Applegate.
Christina Applegate on the cover of People
Christina Applegate on the cover of People

Over the past year, actress Christina Applegate experienced a lot: first she was diagnosed with breast cancer, then followed by a debilitating treatment, breast amputation and surgery to restore them.

But Applegate is worthy of taking all the blows of fate: �You have to go through a change in appearance, shake yourself up, go to work and try to be yourself ...�, said the actress in an interview.

People magazine decided to celebrate Christina and her courage, placing the star in first place on the annual list of the "top 100 most beautiful people in the world."

Among the other participants in the list (except for the first place holder, the editorial staff of People magazine places their names in random order) - Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, George Clooney, Christina Aguilera, etc.

The debutant of the list this year wasFreida Pinto.

Recall that last year, first place went to actress Kate Hudson.

May 1, 2009

Also on the People list was Michelle Obama, her black and white photo made by photographer Mark Hom appeared in the magazine)

Agree with "People"! Christine is lovely and good!

Christina Applegate Michelle Obama Christina Aguilera Halle Berry Frida Pinto Angelina Jolie Zac Efron Channing Tatum

I respect such people! She was not afraid to tell a clever and beautiful Christina !!!

I'm talking about Applegate =)

I see Robert Pattinson on the cover =)) Handsome man without a doubt! But Aguilera is not considered a beauty ...

Kashmar, such perenisti, but not only should she be given 1 place, but also the title of hero. Just smart

Especially pleased with the 3rd place .... Is that - wholesale prettier ???

So, and Jared Leto is not in the list ???

GHM .. and Michelle Obama FOR WHAT ???

for husband =)

how they chose is interesting ...

Well done, Christina, health to her! Can anyone know how it is, first amputated, and then restored. I do not quite understand ..

That's right: first amputated, and then restored. In that order. First, all nafig cut off, and then something there is increasing. In general, the operation is not for the poor: ((

Very subjective list, IMHO: ((It seems that its compilers are confused in such terms as the popularity and charisma of the person and her / his external real beauty.

A beautiful face is a face (and a figure, by the way, too, because no one would ever think to add a hunchback or a dwarf with a beautiful face to this list) is when there are two opinions to his / her account :)) When everything without exception they look at him / her and say "This is beautiful women!" :)))

Therefore, neither Channing Tatum, nor Robert Pattinson, nor Michelle Obama, of course, do not deserve to be included in such lists :)) Anyway, it�s not serious that only 100 people can take away such a huge amount of celebrities: ((Select , so that not one of them can be said "To the garden!: (("

what a horror !! The list is called the most beautiful (!!!) people in the world, how did Michelle Obama get into this !! And in India, more sympathetic than Frida Pinto is! Beauty is the first to be valued, not heroism, so Christine Applegate has no place here !!!

I trust their choice.

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