Personal experience: how I gave birth in England

Our reader decided on the firstborn, being at a rather mature age. And she told me what path she took - from choosing a doctor to the first cry of a baby. It turned out quite detailed instructions, which we offer to your attention.

My name is Alisa Razuvaeva, I am 38 years old. They say it is not the best age for the first birth. Of course, now women are decided on the first child and on the fifth ten, but this is more of a health experiment. I knew this, of course, but sincerely I was sure that pregnancy and childbirth would not be a problem for me. I never complained about my health, I just somehow didn’t work before.

But what she got right away is the label “an elderly primipara”, which I was stuck in the antenatal clinic.

"38? - and a puzzled look from under the glasses. “It's too late for you, my dear, to think, now you will not turn into problems.”

I did not like this attitude. Who would like it? As if I really gathered my own grandson to give birth. My husband and I pondered and decided to go and give birth abroad: there is more experience with doctors in terms of giving birth to women over 35, and the approach to patients is qualitatively different.It was just a question of money, but we decided to work on such a thing, but to make money.

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About the country and clinic

The first thing I wondered where to go. There are legends about birth in Japan, England, Israel, USA ... As a result, I came across MedEssentially service, I left a request. The next day I was offered a choice of three countries: Israel, Germany, United Kingdom. Everything was simple. In Israel, it seemed to me too hot, and when you are in position, this is a significant factor, in Germany they speak German, which I don’t know, and English is a working language for me. I decided to give birth in London.

In the UK, doctors usually conduct private practice, but they are associated with a particular clinic. If you need any serious research or surgery, they send their patients there. I chose a doctor who practices at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

It would be possible to choose a private obstetric clinic, there is more gloss. But then I read that Kate Middleton herself gave birth to a little prince in a public hospital. In addition, for any complication in a private clinic, a pregnant woman will still be taken to a general hospital, where there is a private and public department.So what's the point of going to the ambulance through the whole city, if you can stop at the very beginning at a large medical center, where, if something happens, you will just be transported from one floor to another?

About money

We immediately signed an agreement for the whole package: management of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, and I made a deposit in the amount of half of the total cost, and the second part - after delivery. The system is as follows: the doctor’s services are paid separately (pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal care for several weeks). It will cost 8−10 thousand pounds. And after giving birth, you pay the hospital separately for the infrastructure you were provided with: an anesthesiologist, a post-natal ward, a delivery using a caesarean section or natural. All tests during pregnancy and after childbirth are also paid separately. You get the bill when you are discharged with the child.

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Preparing documents

To give birth in England, you need a medical visa, which is issued for six months. Documents will need such.

1. A certificate from a British doctor about what medical services will be provided to me. My doctor sent me this by email.

2. Certificate that I really have money to pay for medical services. The money is calculated according to the unspoken formula: the cost of the service plus another thousand pounds.Help I received in my bank, it is slightly different from the standard statement. In any case, I attached a document stating that I had already paid half the cost of the services. Such precautions are taken so that the potential patient of a British doctor does not begin to look for work there.

3. Proof of close ties with the homeland. Suitable, for example, real estate. The host wanted to be sure that I have something to lose, and then suddenly I decide to stay and start begging for benefits.

4. All other documents are the same as when applying for a tourist visa.

Pregnancy at a distance

The first consultation is supposed to arrive on a period of 8−9 weeks. The doctor's assistant also calculated the PDR on the first record, so that it would not come at the time of my gynecologist's vacation.

So, I flew to London for the first time. Everything went as it should. My age at the doctor did not cause any confusion, by the way. He did not even eyebrow. The next meeting was scheduled for the 12th week. I had to undergo an ultrasound, to pass tests. Then it was necessary to come to the consultation once every 4-6 weeks, to pass various tests, to undergo tests. From the second trimester, they began to perform an ultrasound scan of the cervix to check for disclosure.

For the first two trimesters I flew London three times. At the 30th week has already remained in England. Otherwise, there might be difficulties during flights: they may not let the plane into the plane, and it will be necessary to file a declaration of well-being at the airport.

Staying in London, I began to go to the doctor, as if to work, once a week. Standard tests, measure pressure, made an echocardiogram of the heart of a child.

I finally could see a lot of all the sights of the capital of England. Without haste - there was nowhere to hurry, and with the stomach and not accelerate. I must say, with the toilets, everything is fine there, thanks for that separately. Otherwise, I would walk from the hotel to a distance of 15 minutes.

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Childbirth day to day

In England, you can agree on a Cesarean: if you have such a desire, you are going to meet. That is, it is not necessary that there were medical indications for surgery, it is enough of your will. Caesar's will be done on the appointed day, and you don’t even need to go to bed in advance - you just come in the morning, and in three hours you are already a mother. On the third day after surgery, they are discharged if there are no complications.

It is the same with natural childbirth: you give birth on the day of admission to the clinic. And after the usual safe delivery you canwrite out in 6 hours! Many were surprised at the appearance of Kate Middleton with a newborn prince in front of cameras literally a few hours after his birth. No wonder, in the UK it is so accepted. It turns out.

And here it is, hour x. In the evening I felt that something was happening. I called the doctor. He ordered to measure the time between contractions. He said that in the morning she was going to go to the clinic. And if too frequent, then at night. However, I also managed to sleep.

In the ward, I was alone, except for the midwife, who never left me at all. She told me how to breathe, what to do. Scream? Leave me alone? Come on, it's not accepted here. It was easier for me to endure contractions on my legs, so she walked beside me along the wall, supported my arm, gave me a drink. And all the while recording something.

Later, when we were discharged with my baby, they explained to me why this was being done. It turned out in case of possible complications. Doctors fix literally every step, every nuance. Records may be needed if the child has any health problems. It will be possible to evaluate the correctness of the personnel’s actions and understand the source of the problems.Records are kept for 18 years.

Childbirth went without a hitch, without a hitch. For a long time, of course, these 16 hours in the clinic seemed like an eternity. But mothers will understand me - having heard my baby’s first cry, I forgot about my torment completely.

Nuances of the first days

Even before Olenka was born, a neonatologist appeared in the ward. He literally kept watch - children should be examined here in the very first seconds of life. If something goes wrong, they will be taken to the intensive care unit for children.

On the first day of the baby watching. Olenka was tested for sugar, physical development and hearing were evaluated. Everything was good, so we were left together in the ward. They also offered to call my husband, there was a folding bed for him. I did not take advantage of this opportunity, but was the exception rather than the rule. In 90 percent of cases, the father is present at birth.

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After discharge

Baby with me, we were discharged, everything is fine. I just flew with happiness. But I flew around London - it was still early at home. There were still three visits to the doctor, once every two weeks. First I had an ultrasound scan, they checked how the uterus is contracting, they evaluated the hormones. After two more, the doctor suggested putting a spiral, if I do not plan to give birth in the near future. I did not plan, but refused to spiral. After six weeks, I finally came to my senses.I was even allowed to do some sports.

By the way, the doctor was not at all surprised that I quickly recovered. Said it was normal. If a woman cares about her health, childbirth, even at that age, can never be knocked down, even the first. To admit, I even felt some gloating - that would have been lost from my district consultation.

I will not say that everything was very simple and smooth. But my doctor was in touch 24 hours a day all the time I was in England. And yes, I called: it seemed to me that Olenka eats little, then somehow sniffs suspiciously. Each time the doctor answered me, calmed me, explained. And it was a great happiness, because motherhood for me is something completely new.

Now my baby is already half a year. My husband and I are thinking about the second baby. And you can be sure, and the second time I will give birth in England.

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