Porcelain and earthenware is a special style of your home

For the manufacture of tableware traditionally used materials such as ceramics and glass. Ceramic products (porcelain and earthenware) are available in every home and are greatly loved by all households. Products from porcelain Porcelain tableware is notable for its elegance, durability and dazzling whiteness. If you knock on the edge of a cup or a plate, you can hear a long and clear sound.

Articles of earthenware The dishes of this material have thicker walls, but the white color is not as intense as porcelain. The faience does not penetrate at all and absorbs moisture, about 9-13% of its weight. With a light tap on a faience product, the sound is quite deaf. This is due to the fact that the faience, unlike porcelain, is fired at low temperatures. In addition, faience products have a significantly lower glazing resistance,as well as low mechanical and thermal resistance. Tableware The dishes used for table setting should match the style of the house and the mood of the owners, therefore, when choosing it, to pay attention not only to quality, but also to form, coloring, and other trifles. How to choose the right tableware First you need to decide how many items it has should contain and how many people should be calculated. Most often purchased services for six or twelve people. The standard table set for 12 persons includes items such as: • 12 deep plates; • 12 shallow plates; • • 12 snack plates; • • 12 pie plates;
• 2 round dishes of different sizes; • 2 oval dishes of different sizes; • 2 herring dishes; • Tureen; • Salad bowl; • • mustard; • Sauce bowl;• Salt shaker; • Pepper drip; • Tableware for horseradish. Some items may be superfluous, so you need to carefully consider what you need to have. For a festive dinner or lunch, it is preferable to have a china dinner set, and on weekdays you can do fine and with earthenware. What to look for when choosing dishes First all need to carefully examine all itemsso that there are no chips, scratches, glides of glaze. In addition, you need to tap all the objects slightly, because only by knocking can the cracks be identified. Bringing such dishes home, it should be gently washed in a basin with warm water, rinsed thoroughly and wiped dry, so that no stains remain. Porcelain and earthenware can give a special warmth to the family hearth.

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