Beloved Mom's Postcard

There are a lot of reasons in the year to congratulate your mother. This is her birthday, March 8, Mother's Day, professional holiday or New Year. Even a holiday or occasion is not important, and the most important thing is that you can congratulate your mother regardless of the celebration, you can even just like that. It is not necessary to buy something expensive and large, you can just make a small gift, but with a greeting card so that you can express all sincere feelings and love for your mother in her, and believe me, it will be nice not from your gift or souvenir, her most important will be your attention and your wishes. Mental and very gentle today are hand-made gifts and souvenirs. These are really the gifts that are made by the author and from the heart, and this is perhaps the most important thing that a person may want to receive as a gift. So learn a little, get acquainted with some of the skills and this master class in scrapbooking, and you can please your mother with your own product, namely, a postcard made with your own hands from scratch. So, this introductory and detailed master class will teach us how to make a postcard for mom using different decorations, and for its production we take: • White cardboard with embossing linen, A4 sheet; • • Scrapbooking paper from “Lace” series from Yevgeny Kurdibanovskaya, we take two sheets of 15 * 15 cm, as well as different scrapbook paper trimming in tones like these sheets; • The printed inscription “Beloved Mom” and a color picture with lily of the valley in a basket; • Decor: mint lace, lettuce lace on an elastic band, mint ribbon, polymeric rosettes white and lettuce, semi-beads white and turquoise, white polymer frame, satin ribbon of mint color with white peas; • Flowers: lettuce poppy, white latex rose, paper white chamomile, light-green gardenia, lettuce stamens in sugar;
• Cutting: flower, butterflies, openwork circle; • Two different curb punchers; • Acrylic stamps and green-marine ink; • Additional tools: scissors, pencil, ruler, double-sided tape and foam-based, glue gun, white glue;
 PostcardBeloved Mom
 Postcard to Beloved Mom
Cut out the basis of the postcard from cardboard, first one 12 * 30 cm large rectangle. We divide it in half and fold the workpiece 12 * 15 cm.
 Postcard for Beloved Mother
 Postcard for the Beloved Mother
Cut out two rectangles of 11.8 * 14.8 cm each from scrapbook.
 Postcard to the Beloved Mom
 Postcard To My Mom
The remaining strips of these two sheets of paper punch different borders. Pieces of other paper are cut into strips and cut off inside, made as flags, out of six. We cut another strip of paper 3.5 * 9 cm in size, we also punch it on one side.
 Postcard to Favorite Mom
 Postcard to My Mom
Sticking on one openwork strip from the top and bottom inside the base,we use PVA glue.
 Postcard Beloved Mom
 Postcard to your beloved mother
First glue on foamed scotch, then strip sew a strip on a typewriter. From above strips we glue a circle with a picture, below there is an inscription. Sew on machine type and circle, and the inscription. Now we stitch both blanks on the base with the usual double-sided tape, literally a few strips in the center.
 Postcard for the Beloved Mom
>img src="" alt="Postcard to your beloved mother" title="Postcard to your beloved mother">
Every side of the edge stitch on the machine. Make a flower bouquet, cut off a strip of lace and ribbons.
Postcard to Beloved Mom
 Postcard to your beloved mother
Glue the frame from the side to the left, on the frame glue a bouquet, bow and poppy Under the flags we glue the mint lace, on top of the salad leaf and mint tape. At the top left we glue a piece of lace, roses and butterflies with semi-beads. On the circle we also glue five different semi-beads.
Postcard to My Mom
 Postcard to Beloved Mom
Inside we make stamping with different inscriptions and pictures.
Postcard to Beloved Mom
 Postcard to Beloved Mom
The postcard for mom is ready, it turned out very cool! Thank you for your attention!
 Postcard to My Mom

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