Presnyakov with his wife after the wedding will live in an apartment for 60 million

Alla Pugacheva provided her grandson with housing in the center of Moscow and a house in the suburbs.

26-year-old Nikita Presnyakov received from his grandmother Alla Pugacheva a truly royal gift - an apartment in the center of Moscow worth about 60 million rubles, reportsKomsomolskaya Pravda website.

“Alla Borisovna presented this apartment to Nikita 7 or 8 years ago, if not 10. She is really gorgeous, in the very center of the capital, on Lubyanka,” the groom’s grandfather, honored artist of Russia, complained in a conversation with Woman’s DayVladimir Presnyakov - senior. - There are enough rooms, I lost count. I rarely go there, but I remember that the apartment is very well-groomed, furnished with great taste. What else do our Nikita need after this? The main thing - let him be happy. And I will give him the wedding the most expensive thing I have - grandfather's smile.

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In the apartment, which gave the grandson of the Prima Donna, Nikita will live with his wife Alyona Krasnova, the wedding of the young will take place on July 27.As reported by KP, 200 people were invited to the celebration. Registration will take place in a beautiful park of one of the country hotels. Alena in the Western style chose two outfits - a classic lush dress, in which she would go to the altar, and a more comfortable, cocktail one, in which she would appear at the wedding party. Young and with decorations, and with the concept of the holiday.

Photo: @alenaakrasnova

Nikita's mother Christina Orbakaite actively participates in the preparation for the wedding.

- Nikita is a maximalist. And, despite his rock nature, he is a soft and fluffy romantic in his heart. Felt that he wants a family. The girl is good, name is Alain. God grant that everything will work out for him, ”the singer told our correspondent in an interview. - He dreams of having the only wedding in his life and his wife - once and for all. I will be the perfect mother-in-law. Young people know what they want, ask for advice - ladies. If not, then all the same, probably, such is the female maternal nature, I want to advise something, but I will definitely control myself. And Nikita himself is by nature such that he will listen to something, but not to something.

We asked Orbakaite if she was ready for the role of a grandmother.

“I’m quite calm about this role, there’s nothing to worry about,” the singer smiled. - But it seems to me that Nikita and Alena should grow themselves up to the role of parents, they are still children. And grandchildren will call me grandmother or in some other way - we will decide when to call someone.

Publication from Nikita Presnyakov (@npresnyakov)Mar 11 2017 at 5:11 PST

Recall Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnov met 12 years ago when they were very children. And there are already three years. Alena is now 20 years old, she is studying at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of R. F. The girl was not born into a poor family. Her father is a big businessman, and her mother is raising Alyona and two other daughters. Krasnova - a modest girl, does not like noisy parties, prefers them to sit-in at home.

“Nikita and I met at the dacha, which we have in Berezhki, when I was very young, through mutual friends. I love to be there, especially in summer. This is an incredibly beautiful place. Nikita treats me beautifully, with trepidation, for him I am a little girl he wants to raise for himself. I appreciate it. I believe that a serious relationship begins with this, ”said the Woman’s Day girl at the beginning of her relationship with the musician.

25-year-old Nikita made a proposal beautifully and publicly: the words “Be my wife” were heard at a party in honor of the 20th anniversary of the girl on March 8. And, of course, he presented a 0.5 carat diamond ring - what is needed for a fragile girl.

The young from the star grandmother got not only a chic apartment in the city, but also the same house in the village of Malye Berezhki on the Istra reservoir, where Nikita Presnyakov spent his childhood and where he met Alain. And now Nikita and Alain are full-fledged owners of the family estate. The assistant helps the young with the housework — she is for the housekeeper, the cook, and the laundress; the guards are on duty around the clock, who live here.

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