Prince William: "I really miss my mom"

Prince William on the cover of a magazine? This is more an exception to the rules, so do not miss the new issue of the July issue of the British GQ, for which the heir to the throne posed for photographer Norman Jean Roy. The photo session did not stop there, and there's also a candid interview inside the room, from which we selected three interesting excerpts:

About mother, princess Diana

"When you grieve for a man that everyone knows, you have no choice - your grief becomes public, and it's hard. But now it is easier for me, and for the first time in twenty years I can speak more openly about her. I really miss her. I would really like her to meet Katherine and see how our children grow up. I regret that they will never recognize her. ”

About the charity project Heads Together, helping people with mental disorders

“I am considered closed and shy, because I don’t like to show emotions. But in fact, I am concerned about very many issues, and I certainly discuss them with my loved ones. After all, I believe in the power of communication.I do not understand why in some families it is not customary to express emotions and share problems. I am shocked by how difficult it is for us to tell others about our feelings. Our project struggles with taboo, because many people can not ask for help, embarrassed by their condition. We live in the 21st century, and stereotypes have no place in it. ”

About family

“I want my children to grow up in a happy and safe world. And this world should not be limited to them by the walls of the palace. The media complicates everything, but I will make efforts to ensure that the life of my children is full and versatile. This is very important for us and Catherine as parents. ”

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