Pros and cons of the game-laces

Every mother wants her child to develop harmoniously, and developing toys help in this. They can be very different, but their main task is to help your child master new skills and develop existing ones. If you have a child, then offer him a game-lacing.

What are these games?

The game of lacing is the basis in which the holes are made: through them the child must pass through the laces. The toy can be hard or elastic, and the laces - multi-colored and having different length and thickness. The easiest option is the base and a few strings with hard tips that can be skipped in various ways. A more complex game of lacing is a panel with laces and additional elements that can be strung together in different variations to create patterns and compositions.

There are different lacing games: the simplest ones can be offered to children from 1-1.5 years old, more complex ones are intended for children of 3-4 years old. There are models for boys and for girls, but they usually differ only in external performance: shades, drawings.Laces can be performed in the form of figures of animals, any objects, fruits, berries, insects and so on.


What are useful lacing games for a small child? They help the baby to develop in different directions:

  1. Regular fine motor training allows you to develop speech.
  2. Playing such games, the child will be able to learn to tie shoelaces, and without problems. And the process will be interesting and exciting.
  3. Lacing develops logical thinking, because the baby needs to reflect on the hole in which to pass the lace.
  4. Fantasy can also be used if the game is complex and has several laces and removable parts: the child will come up with new combinations, create patterns.
  5. Lacing games promote dexterity.
  6. Training with laces improves coordination, as the child has to pass the rope from the inside and out, getting the tips into the narrow holes.
  7. This is an excellent training of vision and eye.
  8. Such games increase concentration of attention, develop perseverance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of lacing games:

  • They are simple, but at the same time they are useful and provide a harmonious and diversified development.
  • Bright figures attract kids, so they are interested in playing.
  • Security. Usually the game-lacing is made from natural environmentally friendly materials, so it is absolutely harmless. Risks of swallowing parts are small, since models for babies usually have large items.
  • Relatively low price. Game-lacing, as a rule, are much cheaper than other educational toys.
  • If desired, the toy can be made by hand.


  • If the child plays with lacing constantly or sees her every day, he will quickly lose interest in her.
  • At first, the child may be nervous and capricious in case of failure. But after a few workouts, he will make the first success and will certainly be drawn into the game.
  • Lacing is hardly suitable for hyperactive children, as they require perseverance and patience.

How to play?

Playing lacing games is very simple, but in order for them to be as useful as possible, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Play with your child: direct his actions, show examples, encourage, delve into the process.
  2. Although the lacing is safe, you still should not leave the child unattended.
  3. So that the baby has not lost interest in the lacing, do not store it with the rest of the toys, but remove and reach out before classes. And that the game is not bored, do not offer it every day, you can do it a day or several times a week, alternating with other entertainment.
  4. If the child is not interested in lacing games, the time has probably not come yet. Postpone them and offer in a month or later.
  5. Acquire several models and alternate them to make it interesting for your child to perform new actions and learn new skills.
  6. A small child can hardly play for more than ten minutes, but this will be more than enough. But older children will be able to study longer.
  7. Do not make crumbs play if he does not want to do it or is distracted by something else. He himself must show interest.

Lacing your hands

Game lacing can be done by hand. This will require Internet access, a color printer, a wide scotch tape, thick cardboard or a sheet of plywood, a pencil, glue, scissors or a stationery knife, a puncher, and laces (preferably in different colors).


  1. Find on the Internet ready-template lacing and print the image on a color printer.
  2. Cut out the picture, circle it on cardboard or plywood, use a large scissors or a writing knife to make the workpiece-base. The edges of the plywood should be treated with sandpaper so that they are not sharp.
  3. Glue the image onto a solid base.
  4. Laminate the workpiece, pasting it with a wide transparent tape.
  5. Make holes in the marked places using the hole punch. If it's not there, an awl or scissors will do.
  6. Game-lacing ready! But if you wish, you can supplement it with small bright details, in which you also need to make holes.

Be sure to purchase for your crumbs an interesting and useful game-lacing or make it yourself.

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