PVC folding working table

The workplace for any master is of particular importance. For some specialties the desktop is simply necessary. But what to do when you often have to move and work at various sites? You can't drag a table from the workshop behind you, and someone else's working furniture may simply not be available. There is definitely a way out, and today we will tell you about it. Homemade products of this type are far from new. Furniture transformers were popular in the last century. And the masters, who focused on such developments, sometimes brought them to incredible functionality. Homemade, presented today, is simple and at the same time very practical. This is a working table for small jobs with an electrician, plumbing, etc. It is compact, light, and takes up very little space. And to transfer it from object to object will not be at all any work. How to make it? Let's find out.

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