Real letter to your favorite guy

How sometimes you want to become the heroine of old novels, in which young girls lived in a completely different era, when there were no mobile phones and the Internet, when communication with dear people could only be kept with letters. How valued each, even the shortest, news that came from a loved one, because it was very welcome and very personal.

In our time, everything is much simpler, and you can write a love letter to a guy, send and receive an answer in 5 minutes. That's what technology has come to! But why not play the past?

Imagine what a surprise, and maybe even a pleasant delight, will overtake your young man if he receives such a letter in the mail. Or maybe it will bring the pigeons?

This, of course, is a joke, but in this way you can easily diversify your relationships, make a touch of romance and mystery in them. Try and, quite possibly, that you will receive your first love letter, which you will wait with great awe.

How to write correctly?

First of all, pay attention to small details. Take care of the paper on which you will write your thoughts and, of course, ink. We advise you not to use paper that is decorated with hearts and cupids, or some other symbols of love, men are skeptical of such drawings, even sometimes annoyed by this, your words may not be taken seriously.

It is better that it was thick and high-quality paper, you can allow a minimal ornament, which can be printed on special paper.

It is possible that your loved one will want to keep your letter, so thick and high-quality paper will be very useful, because it will be able to maintain its appearance for quite a long time.

Pay attention to the ink that you are going to write. It is better that they are of high quality, do not spread out and do not leave blots; a cheap ballpoint pen is quite capable of such unpleasant "jokes". We recommend not to change the color of the paste during the whole writing, choose a rod that will be convenient for you, so that the handwriting will not jump and remain smooth and well-coordinated.

So, you finally prepared everything and sat down to write.Nothing goes to my head and the hand still reaches for the computer to look for examples of love lines, because you don’t want to look stupid and clumsy in front of your lover, good, the Internet is so large that you can find anything there. So, remember, using templates and other people's letters is by no means impossible! And it's very simple to explain.

When a person writes his own letter independently, he talks about his real feelings, feelings and thoughts. The value is that all this is real, that's why a letter written from the heart, start up chaotic and not as poetic as one would like, brings such an indelible effect that you can not achieve by using strangers' lines.

Often, templates that are stored on the Internet, use worn out and namozolivshie phrases, having read that, it is difficult to believe in the sincerity of the thoughts presented. And besides, it’s likely that your boyfriend is an experienced user on the Internet, it may happen that he stumbles upon “your words” on the open spaces of the world wide web, which will lead to a very uncomfortable situation.

What's in a name…

No matter what you want to write in a letter,Be sure to contact the person by name, or the way you used to communicate in real form, so that a person can feel your thoughts and emotions even closer, to know that the letter is addressed to him.

Do not forget, if you are writing a letter to this person for the first time and you know him recently, be sure to be sure of the exact spelling of his name.

It's funny or not, and often people make mistakes in names, which really looks stupid.

Of course, if you know each other for a long time, then it will be easy for you to write about your feelings towards a person, as well as to write words of love. But what if you want to write a letter that will be a declaration of love to a guy.

There is already a little more difficult, because you need to set the right tone and not look intrusive, and maybe even slightly insane. It will be correct if you write the first letter neutral, let's say, reconnoiter the situation and make contact.

This is usually the case if people are temporarily in different cities or places, which does not give the opportunity to communicate in real time. When you already feel that a person is ready, you can write love lines.

If you decide to take this step, then try to be frank, but at the same time modest.Phrases like: "I can not live without you," and so on, can only frighten a person, not to mention reciprocity. It is necessary to more modestly express their feelings, but sincerely. Even if you really want to rush into a storm of emotions.

After all, after all, this is a letter to a boyfriend from a girl, and the female gender should retain some mystery and a sense of uncertainty so that the young man is interested in her.

Before you start writing, sit for a couple of minutes and think about the person to whom you are going to address your lines, reflect on its strengths and strengths. Well, if in the letter you mention those moments and romantic actions that he committed for you, tell us what impression they made on you, it’s pleasant for anyone to read this, besides, he will set the mood in the right way.


It also happens that in words it is very difficult to say the words of parting, therefore people prefer to avoid this by resorting to writing a letter. It is worth knowing that this is wrong.

If you are connected with relationships and pleasant moments, but, as you know, everything comes to an end, then you need to have the courage and still say everything you think, to the person in the face. So it will be fair.

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