Recipes natural shampoo

For any type of hair suitable gelatin shampoo. It gives the hair a dazzling shine, smoothness and volume. To cook it, stir in 1 tbsp glass or ceramic. finished shampoo or hair balm, 1 raw yolk and 1 tbsp. gelatin powder. The components are well mixed, you should get a homogeneous mass without lumps. Apply the product to wet hair, massage the scalp for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Instead of shampoo, you can add another yolk or dilute the gelatin 3 tbsp. warm boiled water. For oily hair mustard powder is perfect. It cleanses the scalp of impurities, regulates the sebaceous glands, and is also a good stimulant. Dissolve 1 tbsp. mustard powder with warm water so as to obtain a mass of creamy consistency. Then rub it into the scalp and spread it over the hair.After a few minutes, rinse off with warm running water. For washing hair, you can use kefir, sour milk or yogurt. Apply one of the listed products to damp hair, cover your head with plastic and warm with a handkerchief or towel. After half an hour, rinse off with warm water. After this procedure, the hair will be shiny, elastic and voluminous. Healing herbs perfectly cleanse hair and scalp. In equal proportions, mix the flowers of calendula, hop cones, burdock root and birch leaves. Pour 50 g of the resulting collection of 150 ml of hot light beer, cover with a lid and leave for 1 hour. After strain and use as a shampoo.

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