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Reese Witherspoon is an American producer, actress, owner of her own brand, winner of the Oscar award and 13 more significant awards, mother of three children. Born in a family of physicians on March 22, 1976. After the birth of a daughter, the family lived in New Orleans, and later moved to the city of Nashville. The girl dreamed of becoming a doctor, like a mother and father, but this profession remained in dreams.

Biography Reese Witherspoon

For the first time, the girl was seen on television in advertising at the age of seven - she represented a network of flower shops. At the age of 11, while studying at the Harding School, Reese began attending acting classes, and the young actress’s abilities were evaluated at a contest of young talents held in 1987. At the same time she did gymnastics, read a lot, was in the support group of the local football team and studied well.

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At age 14, Reese Witherspoon received her first role in the romantic drama of Robert Mulligan “Man from the Moon”. The plot of the film is tied to a love triangle between the heroine Reese Dany, her first love, Kurt Foster and her older sister.It was the first role that determined the further priorities of the actress and her desire to play romantic heroines, so she often refused to shoot in other films.

After school, she entered Stanford University in the department of English literature. It took her two years to realize her real vocation, she dropped out of school to pursue an acting career. For several years, Reese starred in unremarkable paintings and honed her skills. She became recognizable in 1998, after filming the movie "Pleasantville", a comedy featuring the future of Spider-Man Tobey Maguire. Star status Reese Witherspoon received after a role in the "Cruel Intentions", a melodrama with a beautiful game of two new starters - Ryan Phillippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In 2001, the actress played in the super popular film “Legally Blonde”, for this role she received the first significant award “Golden Globe”. Here, Reese plays the role of a beauty, going to Harvard to return her boyfriend Warner, where her adventures begin. The comedy brought great success to the entire cast and greatly increased the demand for the star and its future fees.

Soon, two new pictures came out: "The Legally Blonde - 2" and "Stylish Thing", also no less popular. In 2004, the actress starred in "Vanity Fair" and "Cross the Line." The latest film brought the Oscar actress for Best Actress. Partner Reese Joaquin Phoenix was also awarded an Oscar for Best Actor. Biographical tape, telling about the life and work of the famous singer Johnny Cash and his wife June. She received a lot of positive reviews from critics, gained recognition from the public and was very successful financially. Despite the crazy popularity, Witherspoon does not stop shooting in films of different genres.

Her duet with Mark Ruffalo in the fantastic film “Between Heaven and Earth”, released in 2005, became successful. The main character of the film, Elizabeth gets into a car accident, but her soul remains on the ground. To figure out what to do next, she returns to her apartment, which is already rented by the new owner, David. He makes sure that a ghost lives in the apartment next to him. Then the unbelievable happens - a serious feeling arises between two young people, but they do not know what to do with it ...

Then another picture with Reese is released - “Penelope”, then “Athlete's Widow”, “Four Christmas”, cartoon “Monsters vs. Aliens”, where she voiced the main character, comedy fighter “So, War”.

Reese Witherspoon's production activities began when she was working on the film "Legally Blonde - 2". Here the actress acts as a co-producer. Further professional activity continued in the painting "Penelope". Today, the actress has her own production company.

In 2014, the actress again became the owner of an Oscar for her role in the movie “Wild.” This is a drama, the plot of which tells about a woman who, in despair, decided to go to conquer the mountain peaks in order to test her strength and recover from her mother’s death and unsuccessful marriage. The total money box Reese more than 160 paintings and 14 significant awards.

In addition to acting and producing, Reese Witherspoon in 2015 launched its own line of clothing, accessories and home goods Draper James. The company is successfully engaged in sales and brings the actress a considerable income.

Personal life Reese Witherspoon

The actress never advertised her personal and family life, considering it to be a private topic.In addition, Reese - not a lover of secular parties and events and appears on them very rarely. And it's not so much the employment of a star, but rather the desire to give the maximum of free time to the family.

Witherspoon met her first husband at a party in honor of her own birthday. It was a novice actor, model Ryan Phillippe, then they together starred in the film "Cruel Intentions". Young people almost immediately began to live together and in 1999 they played a modest wedding. Reese has repeatedly said that Ryan is the best birthday present that can be. Soon, the newlyweds had a daughter, Ava Elizabeth, and a son, Deacon Reese.

The first years of marriage were happy for the actor's family, and this is confirmed by the rare participation of stars in social events. Every free minute they wanted to devote to each other and led a too solitary lifestyle. After the release of "Legally Blonde", Reese began to grow in popularity, and Ryan remained in the shadow of his wife, who in addition began to earn much more than himself. This was the reason for the quarrels and temporary separation of the couple, which nevertheless filed a divorce in 2006 after seven years of marriage.

After the divorce, Witherspoon met for some time with the actors on films, but the first serious relationship began with his own agent Jim Toth, who fell in love with the blonde at first sight. In 2011, the couple formalized the relationship and today brings up a common child.

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