Ritualization in the behavior of dogs

Ritualization in the behavior of dogsAs a rule, the boundaries between the possessions of different communities are preserved for several generations. We can say that they represent special genealogical stereotypes, as well as rituals.


Ritualization in the behavior of dogs is a specific stereotype of interaction between individuals in certain standard situations.


It can be expressed by demonstrative movements, poses, facial expressions, sounds, smells and other actions specifically designed to convey certain information.


Many biologists took part in the study of the phenomenon of "ritualization in the behavior of dogs", especially K. Lorenz, who followed the formation and formation of the ritual (ritualization) in a set of behavioral techniques that occurred in dogs during meetings, acquaintance with new members of their own or other species; identified the key stages of these elements of behavior in the biological and cultural spheres.


A complex of behavioral techniques, collectively called ritualization, can express a different state.There are household rituals: alarm, inflammatory, friendliness, location and dating. All of them arose from everyday habits (receptions), which in the process of evolution specialized in their purpose. Depending on the circumstances, dogs exhibit certain behavioral techniques.


By household rituals imply elements of behavior that ensure the everyday form of animals. They boil down to maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. The dog cleans contaminated areas of the body by shaking off, rubbing it with a paw or licking it. A dog is usually shaken off with the whole body, even when only the tail and the back of the body are dirty or wet. The front paw of the dog wipe and clean the face and other parts of the head. With his hind paw, the dog clears his neck, withers, chest and abdomen with combing movements. The dog licks the nose and lips after eating, while the face and neck sometimes cleans up on a soft object or rubs the face on the ground. The dog scratches or rubs any hard objects in the back, lower back and croup, that is, those places that it cannot reach with its mouth and legs. Also, the dog goes through the teeth with teeth in the area of ​​the appearance of fleas, destroys them and then licks these places. Dogs can seek help from associates in a group, supporting everyday behavior.


Signal ritual is considered a complex of behavioral techniques associated with the transmission to the external environment of information about changes in the flock, biocenosis, discovered a new phenomenon. To this kind of ritual, all animals often resort and effectively implement it for positive purposes.

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