"Russian Rapunzel" delighted the whole Internet with its history

Anastasia Sidorova - a girl who became famous in social networks thanks to her long and thick hair. However, as a teenager, Anastasia did not have such thick hair, because the girl suffered from baldness. Every day she dropped hundreds of hair, leaving on her head small bald patches.

When the girl was 18 years old, the trichologist diagnosed her with androgenetic alopecia. After that, Anastasia began to fight for healthy and beautiful hair. This struggle cost the girl a lot of effort and 5 years of life, and now Anastasia Sidorova is a trichologist with a wonderful head of hair who gives advice to all the girls in her.

For example, the girl recommends that you do not dry your head with a hair dryer immediately after washing, and dry your hair by 60% naturally. Then you need to send a stream of air dryer for hair growth, and not vice versa, as women often do, trying to achieve volume. The girl also believes that it is very important to use shampoos specifically for your hair type and take vitamins.

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