Ryan Reynolds brings the children to tears

We hurry to please: with a sense of humor, Ryan Reynolds is still all right. True, not all members of his family can appreciate it yet: for example, the one and a half year old daughter Ines is crying for a long time when she sees that a normal father is leaving the house, and some strange person with one continuous scar instead of a face and a Deadpool costume . “When I'm in makeup, Ines is hard. Even if I look like I was sleeping on a hot stove, I can't just go and say, "Well, well, don't cry, daddy is here!" - and with one flick of the wipe, destroy the make-up artists for many hours, you know. So I decided, well, just keep on scaring her, ”Ryan said. True, we have to admit that Ines and James, who is already three years old, like to watch the shootings, and they themselves are asking for my father's job.

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