Sarah Jessica Parker believes that the series "Sex and the City" is obsolete

Sarah Jessica Parker became a special guest of the American Film Festival in Deauville and on the red carpet showed images in the style of Carrie Bradshaw to the delight of the audience. And if so, questions about the TV series "Sex and the City" actress can not be avoided. “I love this project very much,” Sarah Jessica admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. - But the show has no future on modern television. Today, such a project is impossible because of the monotony of the cast. All the leading roles belong exclusively to white women. In modern realities, it looks crazy, such a series will not be allowed on any air. ”

Maybe it is worth replacing Kim Cattrall, since she doesn’t want to be removed anyway, and to make a sequel to the new lineup? “You can,” says Sarah Jessica, “but it will be a completely different story ...” “We will have to replace not only the cast, but also rewrite the entire script completely,” says the actress.- Since the plot is outdated and seems completely implausible. I think we all would be curious to see how the four girls live in New York 2018. A good story could come out of this, but it definitely cannot be called a continuation of the series Sex and the City. ”

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