Scabies in children: how to get rid

It should be noted that only female ticks cause harm and lead to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, since the males die almost immediately after fertilization. Lay eggs develop within 2-3 weeks, and the average duration of existence is about 2 months. The larvae and adults do not withstand high temperatures and the effects of steam, therefore, when boiling and ironing, they instantly die. There is a whole list of products that also have a detrimental effect on the vital activity of parasites: carbolic acid, certain types of essential oils, sulfurous anhydride, creolin, xylene, etc.
The latent or incubation period for scabies varies from 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the area of ​​the lesion and the number of mites on the skin. After that, the injured person feels severe itching (especially at night), various skin rashes appear, bloody crusts form, and scabby moves are traced.Combing and damaging one area of ​​the skin inadvertently increases the area of ​​the lesion by spreading the infection.
As a rule, scabies in children affects the lateral surfaces of the fingers, hand, elbow, ankles, and feet. In very young children, the head, face, neck can be affected. In principle, the rash can be localized on almost any part of the body of the baby. Due to the frequent skin irritation in infants (prickly heat, diathesis), the initial stage of scabies is not immediately recognized, which complicates the further treatment process.
To scabies in children ceased to be an annoying problem and no longer marred the life of the child and his parents, it is necessary to start treatment in a timely manner. As a rule, it involves the use of anti-scouring drugs for local use and hygiene requirements.
The use of 10% benzyl benzoate emulsion is also effective. For 200 ml of benzyl benzoate, 780 ml of boiled water and 20 g of green soap are required (for children, dilute in half with water). The shelf life of the suspension is not more than a week in a dark place. Before use, shake well and rub into baby’s skin for 10 minutes.
Use as a treatment and ointment, which include tar or sulfur.The tool is also rubbed into the skin of the child (preferably at night), the next day you need to wash the body with soap and water.
The Demianov method involves the use of a hyposulphite solution (30-40%) and a solution of hydrochloric acid (3-4%). First you need to rub hyposulfite, and after 10 minutes, use hydrochloric acid. But the tender baby skin does not require strong rubbing, which can lead to irritation. If there is severe itching and burning sensation from the drug, its use should be stopped and the skin restored with zinc ointment and fortifying therapy.
It should be noted that all family members who were in direct contact with the child must undergo treatment, since scabies in children is very contagious and may manifest itself somewhat later. It is also advisable to boil or freeze all personal items, toys, clothes.
To avoid an allergic reaction from various drugs, experts prescribe antihistamine and hyposensitizing agents. Doctors recommend wearing mittens when treating an infant so that it does not have the opportunity to spread the infection throughout the entire area of ​​its body.Also at the same time used drugs do not get the baby in the eyes or mouth.
It is advisable, in addition to the basic treatment, to introduce biologically active additives, with the help of which the immune defense of the child’s body is strengthened. In addition, you must strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene and not be shy when you first suspect this unpleasant disease to consult a doctor.

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