Seals under the blanket, or New flash mob from Japan

Sonya Morsikova January 16, 2017

January, as always gray and dank, holidays behind, the beginning of the second working week of the year, a month and a half before spring (with the addition of "calendar") ... Oh. If the flashmob #catsinbed were not invented in Japan, then it should be urgently invented. The best occupation, than to examine the pictures in Instagram under this hashtam and can not be imagined. And it all began with a photograph of the cat, barely visible from under the blanket - so sweet that he sleeps on the bed surrounded by toy friends, a dolphin and a unicorn.


「なにこれすごい、普通に寝てる」 枕に使って布団でスヤスヤ眠る猫がまるで人間 - ねとらぼ

- ね と ら ぼ (@itm_nlab)January 11, 2017

The users liked the snapshot so much that not only Twitter, but also Instagram was flooded with photos of cats under the blankets. If you are also the happy owner of the tailed dormouse - shoot as he sees dreams, and put in social networks.

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