Secrets of Japanese manicure and pedicure

Well-groomed appearance is expressed in many details and trifles, and well-groomed hands and nails are a very significant moment of any female appearance, you see, there are few who like to watch long, untidy and unprocessed nails.

Unfortunately, long, strong and beautiful nails - for many women only a dream, it is not a secret for anyone that every third woman complains about the condition of her nails: they break and exfoliate, and in general they look completely unhealthy.

Find a good master

Interestingly, it is quite difficult to determine the cause of such problems: and it is not always the matter of insufficient care, sometimes improper and monotonous nutrition, lack of vitamins and valuable minerals, and sometimes improper care.

The manicure technique that came to us from the land of the rising sun is very different from all the existing techniques that existed at the moment. This type of care allows you not just to give the nails a nice and well-groomed look, thanks to a special technique that is based on the gifts of nature, as well as eastern wisdom,nails and skin of hands or feet are transformed.

The Japanese manicure technique contributes to their natural growth, and the nail plate is enriched with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins that allow you to restore damaged and brittle nails.

This technique is very effective in caring for nails prone to cracks, detachment and poor growth, and is recommended for restoring natural nails after removing artificial ones, because during this period the nail plate needs to be carefully cared for.

Many girls are interested in how to make Japanese manicure and pedicure at home, because the cost of the salon procedure is quite high, and you want to try such a miracle complex! In fact, all the same for the first procedures it is better to allocate funds and go to a professional master who is obliged to conduct a thorough analysis of the state of your nail plates.

Cosmetics must be of high quality.

Based on its results, special means and compositions of serums are selected, which, subsequently, will be used for the recovery of your arms and legs.

And, in general, the procedure in the cabin lasts only 60 minutes,But during this time you will get a lot of pleasure, because Japanese manicure is a truly special phenomenon, during which different massage techniques are used, and only natural materials will be applied to your skin and nails!

Indisputable advantages - a consequence of natural materials

Japanese manicure, without any exaggeration, is really a unique way to restore brittle and weakened nails of the hands and feet in a relatively short time, while getting a lot of pleasure. The advantage of this method is the fact that the process uses only natural eco-materials - this is the basic principle of Japanese manicure, which must always be respected.

All the tools at the highest possible level are made from natural materials: sparing nail files, a special block of calfskin that is used to treat the nail surface, orange sticks, polishing from natural suede, as well as medical restorative pastes and powders that are made from valuable and natural components.

Initially, Japanese manicure and pedicure technology was used exclusively for healing and rejuvenating the skin of the hands and feet, and, over time, for nail restoration.

Worth a try

As we have said, all the preparations for this procedure are made from natural raw materials, the specialist studies the specific case in the smallest details, which is of great importance for achieving a positive result.

That is why the complex uses various preparations from the Japanese Masura line, which contains more than 20 preparations based solely on natural ingredients: cucumber extract, pearl chips, cellular building blocks, beeswax and much more.

Already after the first procedure using similar means, visible results are visible: the nails acquire a pleasant color and shine, cracks and detachments disappear.

Technology of Japanese manicure

Of course, professional Japanese manicurists believe that they should not reveal all the secrets of their own invention to the world, however, European masters developed a common technique that leads to the main and important result: the nail plate is restored, it becomes beautiful and healthy.

After a thorough analysis of the nail plate, all problems are identified, the master proceeds to the main stage.If you want to continue to practice this technique at home, it is very important for you to know how the Japanese manicure and pedicure is made by professional masters.

  • The first feature is the way to eliminate the cuticle: this type of manicure refers to the uncut, because the cuticle is not cut, but only moved away by an orange stick. To do this, pre-nails are lowered into a small tub with water and sea salt, after which peeling is performed using rose oil.
  • After removal of the cuticle, the nail plates must be moistened and nourished with lotus oil and gel with the seaweed extract of the Sea of ​​Japan.
  • The main stage, which largely affects the strengthening and improvement of the nail plate, is the rubbing of a special paste into the surface of the nail using a block of calf leather. Such a paste fills every microcrack with valuable minerals and vitamins: pearl chips, calcium, quartz, keratin and sea peptides.
  • Then in the course comes a special polishing powder Khon, which serves as a kind of fixative paste. It contains beeswax,which helps to recreate a perfectly smooth and shiny surface on the nail, which will not allow all valuable minerals to disappear and become confused.
  • Due to the high content of natural ingredients, the Japanese manicure helps to create a protective layer that allows breathing skin and nails, but at the same time strengthens them and creates a healthy and neat appearance.
  • But the most pleasant thing is the completion of the whole procedure. With the help of special techniques, a massage of hands and feet is performed, using a warm silk bag filled with aromatic herbs, dried flowers and salts. This massage perfectly relieves fatigue, relaxes, improves the blood circulation process and tones the fingers and toes.

It is difficult to find even one flaw, if you at least once try this technique on yourself, then you will never want anything else, because the Japanese manicure is a real ritual of restorative procedures using the gifts of nature.

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