Secrets of suede shoes recovery

Suede shoes are very beautiful, but unfortunately, they can deteriorate and lose their original appearance. And in this case you should not rush to throw it away; you can try to give your shoes or boots a new life. Learn how to restore suede shoes.

Proper cleaning

The suede is quickly absorbed by contaminants, and some of them are very difficult to remove. But it is still possible, and cleaning can be done in several ways:

  1. To remove grease stains, use purified kerosene. Dampen a cotton pad in it, carefully treat especially contaminated sites, then powder them with talcum powder or other free-flowing agent, for example, starch. After some time, remove the powder: it should absorb all the fat, including stubborn.
  2. To remove dirt, use a soapy solution. Immerse the soft cloth or sponge in it, squeeze it and gently wipe the shoes to prevent it from getting wet.
  3. To clean white shoes, you can use a solution prepared from one cup of warm water, a teaspoon of ammonia and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.In this mixture, moisten a piece of soft cloth and gently clean the surface of the suede, trying not to rub it or damage the nap.

Elimination of abrasions and gloss

How to restore suede, if the shoes are worn or ugly gloss, spoiling the natural texture? Use one of the following methods:

  • It will help the most common soft school eraser: just rub them material. Such an unusual way will eliminate dirt and scurf, retain color, and also lift the villi and return the shoe its old velvet texture, saving it from gloss.
  • Eliminate rubbing on boots allow steam. Hold the shoes above the container with freshly boiled water or treat the material with a steamer. But the jet of steam should not immediately fall on suede, it can lead to its deformation. To avoid problems, do not bring shoes near the source of steam too much.
  • In the shops you can find specialized tools to restore suede lint and natural texture of such material. They are usually produced in the form of a spray and evenly sprayed onto the surface. After complete drying, the appearance of the shoes will noticeably improve.
  • To eliminate gloss at home, you can use regular salt. Gently rub it with chamois, then shake off any leftovers.
  • Use clear 9% vinegar, diluting it with two parts of water. You can spray this solution on the surface of the shoe, gently and gently rub it with a soft cloth, and then remove the residue with a dry cloth.
  • In a glass of warm milk, dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda. With this tool, treat heavily worn or shiny areas.

Color recovery

Bright suede shoes can eventually fade, burn out or change the color. If this happens, a special paint designed for suede and sold in shoe stores and household departments will help restore the shade. But it is important to choose the right tone, otherwise after treatment will remain unattractive spots or divorces.

Some shades can be restored and folk remedies. For example, you can refresh the brown color with coffee grounds. It is applied to the material, gently rubbed, kept for half an hour, and then removed with an unnecessary soft cloth. And if the shoes are white, then use talc or powdered chalk. Black suede can be treated with mascara.

Important rules

Finally, some important rules:

  1. Do not dry suede shoes with a hair dryer or near a heating device, otherwise it will lose shape and deform.
  2. Do not allow the material to get wet and direct exposure to water, as suede does not tolerate moisture.
  3. Do not rub the shoes with coarse materials to avoid damaging the nap.
  4. Handle your suede shoes with specialized water repellents before each time you leave the house.

If your suede shoes have lost their original attractive appearance, you can fix it. Use the tools described above to restore.

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