Selfie - fashion trend or stupidity?

Today, almost everyone has a camera or at least a camera phone. Therefore, to get an interesting photo, it is not necessary to seek help from a professional photographer, it is quite possible to do it yourself. Today this is called selfi. And what is it? And how to make your own unique selfie?

What it is?

Selfies are essentially a photo self-portrait. What does this word mean? From English it translates as "self", but some at one time called such pictures "crossbows" or "selves". Most often, these photos are taken from the distance of an outstretched arm, which, strictly speaking, holds a camera or other photographing device. Often part of the hand is visible in the photo.


But sometimes they use special devices and functions for getting selfies: timers, self-trips, tripods, and so on. But most often the role of the best assistant is played by a simple mirror, which allows not only to take a picture, but to see in advance what it will be.

A bit of history

The story of selfie has its roots in those distant times when portable cameras began to appear. The first of these was released by the famous company Kodak in 1900. And at that time the cameras were mounted on tripods, and the photographers themselves actively used mirrors to create normal photographs.

In 1914, Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, in her thirteen years, took her own photo using a mirror. She sent a picture in a letter to her friend, indicating that she had taken the photo herself, and this was not easy for her, because her hands were trembling very much.

Real trend

For the first time the term “selfie” was used in 2002 in Australia, it was discussed at one of the Internet forums. Then this concept was touched by the photographer Jim Krause in 2005, but such pictures were already actively taken by ordinary people.

A certain role in the development of self played social networks. So, in 2000, the MySpace network was popular, and so-called self-shots appeared in user profiles quite often. But then the world almost seized the Facebook social network. And in the period from 2006 to 2009, selfies became not just unpopular, but even shameful.

Celebrities love it

Such photos were considered remnants of the past and a sign of bad taste.But approximately in 2010 appeared the first mobile devices with front cameras, which allowed to make high-quality and sometimes simply stunning selfies.

In 2012, this word was included in the list of the most youthful and fashionable. And the photo-portraits were spread not only by teenagers and young people. The Pope himself Francis laid out on the Internet selfi, on which he was imprinted with tourists. And in 2013 the concept was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

How to do?

How to make an original and high-quality selfie? For you, the most important rules for creating such snapshots:

  • The first important rule is correct lighting. The light source should be in front of you, but above the eye level (otherwise in the photo you will blink because of strong light). It is best to choose the source of natural daylight, for example, a window. The lamp also fits, but its light should be day and white, and not yellow (in this case, yellow in the photo will be your face). If the light is behind you, then the meaning of Selfie is lost, because instead of the face in the photo there will be only the outline of your head.
  • Tilt your head slightly. This will make your face more feminine, slender and will emphasize cheekbones.In addition, you need to turn the head a little and move it forward to avoid the appearance of a second chin.
  • Choose the most successful angle for yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and start posing. And when you see the most successful pose, which will hide all the shortcomings and favorably emphasize the virtues, remember it and sharpen it up to trifles. But remember that you need to use different poses, so choose a few, otherwise your pictures will be monotonous and banal. By the way, unnatural facial expressions (for example, folded lips) are irrelevant today. Be more natural, everyone likes it.
  • The background is very important. So if you decide to take a selfie, make sure that there is nothing in the background that you shouldn’t get into the frame (for example, your underwear, bottles, garbage, etc.). And some manage to make such pictures, which are becoming the most popular. And all because the background is selected correctly. So, seeing interesting and beautiful landscapes or finding yourself in unusual places, by all means reach for your phone or camera and take a selfie. It will probably go down in history.
  • For girls, what they look like is important. The ideal option is a light make-up. Just hide the skin defects and slightly emphasize the features of the face. If you are lucky with your skin, show your natural beauty and be proud of it.
  • Use a mirror. It will help you make a smart selfie, as you will see your reflection and will be able to adjust facial expressions and posture.
  • If there is no mirror, then the front-facing camera will come to the rescue.
  • Today it is fashionable to take selfies in unusual places and under unexpected circumstances. But in the pursuit of a gorgeous snapshot, remember tact and relevance. Not always and not everywhere the shooting will be appropriate. For example, in a church or at a funeral, it is better to forget about the photo, you will be misunderstood.
  • Take pictures with famous and interesting people, as well as with animals, such selfies become especially popular.
  • Do not be afraid to use processing. Today there are a lot of photo processing programs, so learn the basics and edit photos to achieve the best result. But do not overdo it, otherwise you just will not be recognized in the picture.
  • Do not turn a selfie into the meaning of your life, do not strive to take photos always and everywhere, in the eyes of others you will not look the best.But at the same time a camera or a camera phone can always be at your fingertips, which will allow you to capture the most interesting and bright moments.
  • Too frank selfies should not be put on display, it went and could ruin your reputation.

Top most original selfies

Required option

Selfi today is made as ordinary people of all ages and professions, and the stars. We invite you to find out which selfie is the most popular and original:

  1. The first most popular selfi was a picture of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.
  2. At the 86th Oscar Awards, well-known actress and presenter of this ceremony, Ellen DeGeneres, along with popular actor Bradley Cooper made just an awesome selfie, which captured many of the world-famous Hollywood stars. The photo quickly spread over the Internet and became incredibly popular.
  3. Many probably saw a picture that was taken by one of the climbers who climbed to the top of Everest.
  4. Astronaut Mike Hopkins took a picture while being in outer space.
  5. Struck by all the Selfie Ferdinand Puentas. This person is not popular, but he made his self in the open ocean.And everything would be fine, but Ferdinand is the surviving passenger of the plane that crashed over the Pacific Ocean. And in the background you can see this most submerged airplane.
  6. Sometimes celebrities and important people make mistakes too. For example, at the farewell ceremony with Nelson Mandela Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron decided to have fun and made selfies. This rash act is still being discussed.
  7. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev made a lot of SELFI. And every picture became very popular.
  8. Selfies have been made even on the statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil.
  9. Not so long ago, a picture was taken in which several young people settled on the highest skyscraper in Dubai.
  10. Funny photo came out with kangaroos. Grimacing in the picture both: the author of the photo, and the animal.

Now you know everything about SELFI and you can make your stunning picture.

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