Sew a summer dress with flounces on the shoulders

Step by Step Instruction

There's nothing easier than making a dress with flounces. The sewing process is as follows: 1. In any fabric store, a cut of a cloth with a width of 1.5-2 meters and a similar length is acquired. 2. The purchased fabric is folded and cut. One of the resulting rectangles will be the basis for the dress, and the other will serve for the manufacture of ruffles and belts. 3. The basis of the dress is sharpened from all sides. This is done on a typewriter, or manually. Bend width - 1-2 centimeters.
We sew a summer dress with frills on the shoulders
4. The upper part of the rectangle processed in this way is stitched with a rubber band, as a result of which beautiful folds are obtained. 5. The fabric folds in half (the side stitched with an elastic band is the top of the dress), its side end is sewn together. The result of this work is a rectangular bag without top and bottom. 6. The remaining piece of cloth is cut into 3 parts. The first 2 parts should have a width of at least 25 centimeters, the width of the remaining 3rd part depends on the amount of fabric (this is a belt, therefore it can be both wide and narrow). 7. Each cut is processed, the edges are hemmed, after which the material intended for the manufacture of the flounces is stitched with thread-elastic along the length. Just need to flash at least 3 meters of fabric. The sides are stitched together, resulting in one wide assembly. To facilitate the task even before the fabric is sewn with an elastic band, laces are sewn to its free edge. The color and size of the lace depends on personal preference. To grind the shuttle along the entire length it will take at least 3 meters of lace. We sew a summer dress with frills on the shoulders
We sew a summer dress with frills on the shoulders
Sew a summer dress with flounces on the shoulders
8. After the shuttlecock is ready to return to the main part (the very rectangle of the fabric that was postponed). 9. The straps are sewn to the top of the base.You can make them from the same fabric as the dress itself, or use a wide elastic band for this purpose (2-3 centimeters wide and 12-15 centimeters long). 10. The elastic is sewn to the top of the base with ordinary threads, as a result of which a sundress is obtained. 11. From the line of contact between the fabric and the strap, there is an indentation of 5-7 centimeters on each side, after which a shuttlecock is put on the strap. 12. At the marked spot, the edges of the shuttle are sewn to the shoulder straps as shown. We sew a summer dress with frills on the shoulders 13. The dress is ready, it remains to make a belt. This will require the remaining narrow strip of fabric to bend in half, stitch, stitch one end, twist. The resulting tape is used as a belt. The ends of the belt can be stitched, or sew lace on them. 14. The hem of the dress is stitched, after which lace similar to those used to decorate the shuttlecock can also be sewn to it.

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