Short-sleeved sweater with a fan pattern

Knit beautiful women'sCardigan with short sleeves and a fan pattern. The most important thing in the elongated pullover with short sleeves is a fan pattern. Raglan seams can be made completely or seductive cuts can be left.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (88% cotton, 12% polyamide; 140m / 50g) 350 (400) 450 grams turquoise;
  2. spokes number 5;
  3. # 4,5 circular needles.

Pattern Description

The following patterns knit with needles No. 5.

Facial surface:Pers. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - izn. p.

Wreck:Pers. R. - izn. n., izn. R. - persons. p.

«Spit» (3 loops first)

1st row: 2 loops left on the auxiliary needle at work, the next loop to knit the front, then loop the auxiliary needles to knit 1 front, 1 nakid and 1 front.

2nd row: knit loops and nakida purl.

3rd row: 4 front loops.

4th row: 1 purl, 2 loops knit together purl, 1 purl.  

Keep repeating the 1st to 4th rows.


Increase inside «spit»nottakenintoaccountintheinstructionsoftheloopsintheinstructionsandonthepattern!«Braids»calculatedon3loopsrespectively.Incomplete«braids» when performing raglan Supplements loops knit facial satin stitch.

Pattern from «Cros» A (At 11 Loops)

2 seamy purl,  

3 p. Patterned «braid»

2 seamy purl,  

3 p. Patterned «braid»

1 pt. purl.

Fan Pattern (First with 39 loops)

Knit acc. pattern. On it are given facial and purl rows. Constantly repeat the 1-16th series.


Increments and decreases within the pattern are uneven, so the number of loops is constantly changing. This is not taken into account in the instructions of the loops in the instructions. The indicated number of loops constantly refers to the initial number of loops — 39 points, which is counted after every 16th row.

Pattern from «Cros» A (11 Loops)

1 seamy purl,  

3 p. Patterned «braid»

2 seamy purl,  

3 p. Patterned «braid»

2 p. izanochnoy satin.

Underlined Reductions

In the front rows at the beginning of the row = edge, 1 front, 2 loops knit together the front; at the end of the row = knit up to 4 loops from the end,then knit 2 loops together with a slope to the left (see the legend), 1 front, edge.


Knit (spokes number 4.5) alternately 1 front, 1 purl.

Density of Knitting

20p. x 29 p. = 10x10 cm, connected by the front surface;

22p. x 29 p. = 10x10 cm, is bound by patterns of "skeletons";

21.5 p. x 29 p. = 10x10 cm, connected by a fan pattern;

39p. = 18 cm.


The fan pattern is rounded off at the bottom edge of the pullover. This is not taken into account in the pattern.


Dimensions:36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Knitting description


Type on the spokes 107 (115) 123 of the loops with a cross-shaped set and, after the corresponding purl series, knit as follows: Edge, 22 (26) 30 sts with a faceted surface, 11 stic strips of &A,39p.Fan-shapedpattern,11p.Patternof«braid» B, 22 (26) 30 p. Front smooth, edging.

Simultaneously, for the trapezoid shape, it is emphasized to decrease on both sides in each 10th row from the initial series 7 x 1 n = 93 (101) 109 p.

After 45 cm = 130 rows (43 cm = 124 rows) 40.5 cm = 118 rows from the beginning row to close for a regular bevel on both sides 1 x 3 pt, then underlined in every 2 rows 22 25) 28 x 1 p.

After 60.5 cm = 176 rows from the initial row (= after 11 rapports of pattern 5) leave the remaining 43 (45) 47 p.


Knit as back.


Type on the spokes for each sleeve 60 (66) 72 loops with a cross-shaped set and, in the corresponding purl row, evenly distribute, add 11 p. = 71 (77) 83 p.

Continue to work as follows: edge, 14 (17) 20 p. front smooth, 1 p. reverse purse, 39 p. fan-shaped pattern, 1 p. reverse purse, 14 (17) 20 p. front smooth, edge edging.

12.5 cm = 36 rows (10.5 cm = 30 rows) 8 cm = 24 rows from the initial row, close the raglan bevel on both sides for 1 x 3 points, then underlined in each 2nd row 1 (4) 7 x 1 p. And in every 4th row 10 x 1 p.

After 27.5 cm = 80 rows from the initial row leave the remaining 43 p.


Run raglan seams or optionally cut them with cuts. To do this, make the seams 5 (6) 7 cm from the side edge and 2 (3) 4 cm from the neckline, the edges in the middle leave open for cuts. &Nbsp;

Run the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.

Type on the circular needles left loops of all the parts and on all 172 (176) 180 loops to knit with an elastic band in circular rows, while knitting all the parts in the 1st circular row with the previous loop or with the next loop together. pattern and additionally, evenly distributed, to reduce on the front and back to 6 p., on the sleeves to 2 p.= 148 (152) 156 p. With a width of 3 cm, close all the loops as purl.

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